Army of Two Video Preview - Post Tampon shows us how Army of Two is shaping up after the unexpected delay. It would seem that EA made the right decision by keeping it in the oven a bit longer.

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SparkyNZ3266d ago

I got no problem shooting guys with no shoes :)

sock merchant3266d ago

In fact I prefer it. I am sad to see the loss of the tampons though. I imagine that would be pretty funny. Though...I guess it may have gotten old pretty quick

sock merchant3266d ago

I was actually pretty down on Army of Two. But this and a few other vids I have seen recently has changed my mind. For a while there people had some pretty soft reactions to it. Its looking pretty good to me now though. I love co-op and it seems they have really focused on it

Brixxer6003266d ago

I was exactly the same but the new videos have made me take notice again, it looks to be shaping up well.

sock merchant3266d ago

I just hope that it gets a proper reception. Gamers are such an easily distraced bunch

Brianemone3266d ago

Don't forget the suiside bombers

kwicksandz3265d ago

And this game is designed around it!. as long as this doesnt totally suck i will pick it up. dont fail me EA!

sock merchant3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I think I am one of the few people that mourn the dissapearance of split-screen co-op in games :(

Thats basically the only time I play Halo3 these days. Co-op with a buddy...just seeing what kinds of crazyness we can cause