IGN: Hands-on Boom Blox


"We can vividly remember seeing Hollywood director Steven Spielberg at the Electronic Entertainment Expo two years ago, but we assumed he was there as an observer. Little did we know he was visiting the booths of the Big Three in order to hatch game ideas that would eventually be born to life in an exclusive three-game deal with publishing giant Electronic Arts."

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ChickeyCantor3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

i'm surprised IGN is positive about this game...... =D
i love physic based games but im not sure if ill get this one....nothing compared to LBP( which ill be getting IF I CAN FIND A DAMN 60GB MODEL) but physics based is physics based =D

Night4ll3576d ago

This game seems to be getting a lot of positive previews... I might actually get it... I am also curious about little big planet. I wanna c what the big deal is about.

Oh Sidar... the best way to get a 60gig PS3 is through ebay...

ChickeyCantor3576d ago

i have no experience with ebay and for some reason i really dont trust it.

mintaro3576d ago

curse you megabyte......bob and enzo will delete you...

ChickeyCantor3576d ago

you have to admit it was a good show until it got canceld @ a super climax moment =(

DAMN you whatever the studios name was....XD

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M_Prime3576d ago

looks cool.. though i would prolly end up renting.. i should go to bed i got work at 7 :-(