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Vote Sonic the Hedgehog for Video Game President

IGN - Vote Sonic for Video Game President, he guarantees a quick and speedy recovery. If he wins, chili dogs for everyone! (Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, Retro, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Griffin4871  +   728d ago
Make better Sonic games. Then we'll vote. Did a good job with Generations, but let's not combo break too early...

Sega says it took them almost two years to develop Sonic All-Stars Racing? Why? So much development time for a game nobody ever asked for.

Please, if you are making Sonic Adventure 3, do NOT do what you did to Sonic '06.
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IAMERROR  +   727d ago
The All-star games have nothing to do with Sonic Team, SumoDigital develops them. So it's not taking any time away from the next main Sonic game.
from the beach  +   727d ago
All Star Racing was fantastic and the sequel looks to be even better, so that's development time well spent.

Both episodes of Sonic 4 were good, Colours and Generations were excellent. Altogether the series is definitely on the up.

That video was really annoying.
360ICE  +   727d ago
Mario should probably be President. He and his technocrat government have worked wonders in Italy
Kran  +   727d ago

Cave Johnson.
ChunkyLover53  +   727d ago
Master Chief or GTFO!
lastdual  +   727d ago
Similar to a real politician, Sonic is full of promises that never seem to pan out.
from the beach  +   727d ago
And a master of spin :P
Magnus  +   727d ago
Hmmm its would be a tuff race if Mario was also running I like them both
LOL_WUT  +   727d ago
Go Sonic!!!
3-4-5  +   727d ago
He has the power to run away from all his / our problems really fast. And talks like urkle
Relientk77  +   727d ago
That he does, I still can't believe the guy who played Urkel voiced him in the Saturday AM morning cartoon lol
segamon  +   727d ago
President of the Divided Fate of SEGA? i hope not.
RufustheSage  +   727d ago
Chilli dogs!? In Sonic we trust!
vork77  +   727d ago
vote for megaman so we can get legends 3 back
PhoenixRising37  +   727d ago
ironblitz  +   727d ago
Sonic...you exemplified my childhood but now have become a shadow of your former self...being president cannot save you now...

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