Vote Sonic the Hedgehog for Video Game President

IGN - Vote Sonic for Video Game President, he guarantees a quick and speedy recovery. If he wins, chili dogs for everyone!

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Griffin48711875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Make better Sonic games. Then we'll vote. Did a good job with Generations, but let's not combo break too early...

Sega says it took them almost two years to develop Sonic All-Stars Racing? Why? So much development time for a game nobody ever asked for.

Please, if you are making Sonic Adventure 3, do NOT do what you did to Sonic '06.

IAMERROR1875d ago

The All-star games have nothing to do with Sonic Team, SumoDigital develops them. So it's not taking any time away from the next main Sonic game.

from the beach1875d ago

All Star Racing was fantastic and the sequel looks to be even better, so that's development time well spent.

Both episodes of Sonic 4 were good, Colours and Generations were excellent. Altogether the series is definitely on the up.

That video was really annoying.

360ICE1875d ago

Mario should probably be President. He and his technocrat government have worked wonders in Italy

lastdual1875d ago

Similar to a real politician, Sonic is full of promises that never seem to pan out.

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The story is too old to be commented.