GameTap: Sega Superstars Tennis Preview

Jon Robinson of GameTap writes: Think Maria Sharapova has nothing on Ulala? Well, my first piece of advice for you is to put that Dreamcast back in the closet and get out of the house. But while you're there, you might want to slap down a preorder for Sega Superstars Tennis, a game dripping with so much Sega atmosphere I half expected to see the Ooze getting all toxic in the stands.

The concept is simple: Take Sonic, AiAi, Dr. Robotnik, and 13 other Sega icons (eight default, eight unlockable), throw them on Sega-themed tennis courts using the famed Virtua Tennis engine, and add in some superstar moves like AiAi's flying bananas. What you end up with might look a little goofy, but it's still a damn good game of tennis nonetheless.

I played the game across all systems for about an hour, and while the PS3 and 360 versions both feature online play, it's the Wii's controls that I think are really going to be the appeal to younger gamers looking to trade in their Miis for characters a bit more colorful. Similar to Wii Sports Tennis, striking the ball is accomplished by swinging the Wii remote, while characters move thanks to the nunchuk. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's a definite upgrade from the Wii tennis you're used to.

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