GameTap: Sam & Max 203: Q&A

Douglass C. Perry of GameTap writes: In Telltale's this episode of the beloved Sam & Max series, the team's efforts seem bent on exploring what happens when a Euro-trash rave dancer is mixed with a vampire, and a legion of undead follow him around. Many serious questions arise from this improbably affair: Can the undead dance? And if so, should we watch? Perhaps even more disturbing is what happens when Sam and Max get on the dance floor. Can dogs and lagomorphs dance?

GameTap spoke with Telltale's designer and writer Brendan Q. Ferguson this week to get a better "understanding" of the vampy madness hidden in next week's episode, Sam & Max: Night of the Raving Dead.

GameTap: Is there any little hint or obscure lead or sneaky little factoid you'd like to leave us with before the next episode arrives?

Brendan Q. Ferguson: Yes. Brains contain 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and are especially rich in riboflavin.

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