Suspected Church Arsonist Brags on Gamefaqs Forums

Kotaku writes:

"A teenage boy has been arrested on suspected arson charges for burning down a Palmyra, MO church. What makes this game related you may ask? It seems that GameFaqs forum poster "Jediknight12345" (original, eh?) made a post in the "Current Events" page asking readers if he should burn down a school and a church. The post was quickly removed by forum administrators and then a few days later another post showed up from the same person.

This time, Jediknight12345 bragged that he had in fact burned a church/school down, described how he did it and even went so far as to post pictures of the event for posterity. Fellow forum posters immediately alerted local news station WGEM and authorities leading to the teenager's arrest. According to recent reports, the arrested suspect was a member of the church and its attached school."

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Voozi3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Someone still holding a grudge against the Church over the whole Resistance incident over in England I see...but thanks to the awesome community over at GameFaqs! This evil doo-er has been captured and justice will be served!

Ok but seriously...this kid is a dumbass and he's going to hell lol

"lololololol hai gaiyz i dunno if i shuld go burn down a church kay? lolloolololol"

**News Reports that a Church has been set on fire**

...."hai gaiyz itz me again lolololollollol i did it!!1 lolololol i burnt it downz i rely did srsly!!!1 hahahhhhahahhahhh herz all da proof too!!1 but plz dun tell ne1 my mommy will be mad at me"


So what's the moral of the story boys and girls? Don't tell GameFaqs your illegal activities, tell N4G instead! lol jk, if you're going to commit an illegal act of crime, don't post about it on the wonderful world of the interwebs!


I loled @ the "FOR CE" thing...people are dumbasses @ the news station lol

Voiceofreason3756d ago

Did any of you notice that they were talking about the guy writing FOR-C-E? They are so stupid its not For C E its FORCE. from a guy posting as a Jediknight. I expect someone who is smart enough to be a news broadcaster to also be smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and get 4....I'll be lol all day over this one.. Luke use the For-C-E...idiots...

Galvatron3756d ago

Ever stop and think that maybe it was both?

pwnsause3756d ago

jeez this is worse than NEDM.

Nykamari3756d ago

BURN his @$$!!!!!!! Leave him in a 8x8 box with 3 of the worst inmates in their CDC. NO ONE SHOULD PLAY WITH RELIGION OR EDUCATION!!!!!!!!

meepmoopmeep3756d ago

whether or not you believe in God.. that's just wrong