Resident Evil - Would a new Survival Horror game sell enough?

With Resident Evil fans crying out for a true return to survival horror, is the risk too great for Capcom to invest in such a game?

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RaidensRising1937d ago

If Dead Space can sell 3million then so could Resident Evil.

-MD-1937d ago

Dead Space is hardly Survival Horror though.

You couldn't run out of ammo in that game if you tried.

Summons751937d ago

same with resident evil....

people don't call dead space a survival horror when it is based off the same pop n scares as resident evil has. If your saying DS isn't scary then you should most certainly say the old resident evils aren't scary.

ceedubya91937d ago

Why would they want to go back to selling 3 million when RE5 sold about 8 million? I like the older games as much as anyone else, but I've accepted that this series will probably never be what it once was, especially after the recent sales trends.

richierich1937d ago

I agree I hope Capcom learn their lesson from RE6

Soldierone1937d ago

Like said above.....Dead Space? Doom 4 also had horror elements, and the re-release is picking up steam. The issue? A COD action oriented clone with monsters mixed in will sell better, so Capcom prefers that route.

Captain Qwark 91937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

id buy 2 copies if it meant RE would go back to its roots. hell 3 if thats what i had to do to show capcom what re should be!

i mean lets be honest, RE should be deadspace except with zombies, set in raccoon city and following two seperate campaigns that eventually intertwine while getting chased by a giant evolving creature. complete with puzzles but ones that make sense, like say you get stuck in a room and need to find a crowbar to pry the bars off the windows and escape or something. and as far as weapons go you would just get ones you find from exploring different houses or something but you could always find other pieces to upgrade them. perhaps make it open world to some extent. that would eb evolution, making it gears of war is not evolution. thats using the name to sell a different game

neogeo1937d ago

Well said. I spammed the bubble+ button for ya.

Captain Qwark 91937d ago

thanks lol. its unfortunate that what i said will likely never happen though. i loved re4 but ive always wanted a true sequel to re2/3, at this point i seriously doubt we will ever get it

mi_titan271936d ago

Me too. They could make a really awesome co-op campaign too. Where ea character starts off away from ea. other and has to find one another or help ea. other out of certain situations. Like you said about getting stuck in a room, just imagine your co-op partner outside being attacked while your in the room with the only weapon, you need to get out of that room to save him/her!

The_Klank1937d ago

I would like to think so, look at Dayz, I know its a mod, but over a million people signed up for it, that right there shows me there is definitely a market for survival horror, its wide open for a new killer experience, someone just needs to show some guts and put it out there with good media coverage.

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The story is too old to be commented.