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Vita’s Fight For Life: After Almost A Year, Has Sony’s Handheld Managed To Distinguish Itself?

EDGE- The obvious need for new games made Vita’s near total absence from Sony’s E3 conference all the more galling. The company was quick to respond to the tide of negative feeling with an assurance that Vita was most definitely present, with 25 playable games on the show floor. But it wasn’t until August’s Gamescom that we saw clear signs that Sony recognises Vita is in severe danger of being stuck with the same ‘no games’ label that PS3 took so long to shake off. (PS Vita)

user9841288  +   1058d ago
sure it's doin'... good?
BeAGamer  +   1058d ago
ahahaha another doom and gloom article, what's new?

and yes, the Vita is doing just fine. It will surely pick up the pace soon.

I for one can't wait to get my white Vita/AC:L bundle at the end of this month
user9841288  +   1054d ago
wow look how many ppl hate on me... sad. I have a vita and love it. I was jk... Seriously ppl you all need to get a grip. ;)
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1058d ago
we need a san andreas stories
Pillsbury1  +   1058d ago
This all the way! Imagine how many systems would sell... Guess I'll settle for replaying vice city on my psp... Can't wait for ps plus for vita.
elm  +   1058d ago
No games!

About 60 retail and psn games
god knows how many PSP and PS1 games too, well in the hundreds!
plus now PSM games, and plenty of big releases before xmas.

Yeah no games..

I think it must be some kind of internet game to see who can come up with the most sensationalist Sony doom article.
Do they get a prize or something?

The Vita's not doing amazing but come on for gods sake!
Griffin4871  +   1058d ago
The Vita has no games.
adorie  +   1058d ago
Vita has games, but Sony dropped the ball with this. I can't even understand how this isn't selling. Everyone was cool with the price then all of a sudden the price mattered and it had to come down, some people said..

Well, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Sony needs to port an HD version of LoD especially for the Vita. FFVII HD for the Vita, then get Fallout 3 on there with mod support or something. I don't know!

I usually have a good possible answer for stuff like this, but with the PS Vita, I have nothing.
LiquidSword93  +   1058d ago
Such an obvious troll statement dude lol
WiiLovePS360  +   1058d ago

While I see what you're saying, counting previous generation portable and 3 whole generations ago console games as games for a new portable doesn't really help your cause.

When you buy a new console you want to play new games for that console, not 15 year old games with quite frankly terrible graphics and archaic controls (since 99% were made for a D-Pad only).

Also, how many of those 60 retail games are almost straight ports of PS3/Xbox 360 games? Again, using those doesn't really help too much.

I want the Vita to succeed, I own one and I would love for more unique games to play on it and I hope it is well supported for another 5+ years. At the moment though, that is still up in the air. It simply is not selling, and developers are hesitant to develop for it when it's not selling.
Edward75  +   1058d ago
One thing that I must say.... And I am very strong normally against many of Sony's decisions....

Please wait until after the holidays... If numbers are still abysmal then it is easy to say its a bust financially at least for the short term.

Sony needs this system to work. At least give them until January 2013.
ronin4life  +   1058d ago
I am actually completely uncertain of this things future(in regards to if it can actually fail completely), which I never thought I would think of a major console in this day and age.

Despite this, there are so many factors that need time and perspective to develop that nothing can really be said in terms of any specific potential outcome. After January, maybe even into spring(after Japan's Golden week) things may be clearer... but I do think it is to early to tell at this point. Even if things seem grim.
AznGaara  +   1058d ago
We'll see how many units AC liberations moves. I personally love my Vita.
TekoIie  +   1058d ago
I want Infamous Vita... IMO not enough of Sony's top franchises are on the vita yet (Or the top 3rd party games). All I've got is UC:GA and Gravity Rush but planning to get AC:L and KZ:M.

The system is getting the support slowly but by 2014 I think it'll have a very nice library :)
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YoungPlex  +   1058d ago
"Lifes" fight for "life"? Umm... Was that pun intended?

Bah! The Vita isn't in a fight for its life. Sluggish sales will pick up when more titles are available. I know that I'm not getting a Vita for Wii U like capabilities and am sure that most gamers aren't as well, I'm getting it for those must own PS titles you can't find anywhere else. Patients is needed for this beautiful handheld that's full of possibilities, the sooner people realize this the better. I'm actually quite sick of these danger and in trouble articles that pop up everyday!
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DivineAssault  +   1058d ago
just stop! sales have nothing to do with if its good or not.. Look at the wii.. W/o 1st party, its nothing just like the rest of nintendos systems, if 1st party games aint there, its not selling anything.. Tickle me elmo sold a lot too but doesnt change whats better.. 3rd party is selling on it & its a core gamers handheld due to its controls & software... Vita is still a baby & hasnt even put out its AAA 1st party games other than uncharted yet.. 3DS has released TONS of 1st party N thats a major reason its selling... Everything thats incoming isnt PS3 ports other than its cross buy incentives.. Japan gets 3rd party that moves on 3DS but thats its & its a small amount! just u wait til the heavy hitters are near complete & revealed at E3.. Killzone looks fantastic but im just speculating.. Wait til GOW get on there..
MacDonagh  +   1058d ago
Sales do matter.

According to VGChartz, the 3DS has sold 20.5 million units while the Vita has only sold 2.9 million. You can claim all you like that the Vita is the core gamer's choice but the numbers don't lie. The 3DS has more mass appeal than the Vita.
YoungPlex  +   1058d ago
@MacDonagh Ignore DivineASSault, he obviously has no idea what he's talking about! He obviously is incapable of reading or even rational thought. I'm actually surprised that he hasn't been trolled yet. He's actually quite funny when you think about it, poring all that effort doing free PR for Sony, for no reason too. I think that he actually thought I was insulting the Vita, go figure lol!

Anyway back OT: I agree that as of now the 3DS controls the mass market, but that could very-well change after next year, when the cost of production drops and more software is developed for PS Vita. To be honest with you it's going to be anyone's game because they both have excellent first-party support. Nintendo will do their thing as always and have their first-party tp carry them if ever they run into trouble, I just can't wait for Vita to drop game like Soul Sacrifice and AC. That's the time I get one.
DivineAssault  +   1058d ago
yup sure does! with games like mario land, mario kart, COD, Madden, Fifa, all dominating the charts every month.. Your so correct.. Those are the core games that no1 can live without.. wow man, u just taught me something.. Just dance & wii sports are HEAVY hitters too! why didnt i think of this before? i better run out & buy em cuz the rest of the world thinks theyre awesome! smh.. followers of trends buddy... Maybe the reason i have so many games in my library that are worth a lot more than retail at the time is cuz of the mass appeal.. Dude seriously, look at reality & think for yourself.. I for one dont play what other ppl think is awesome.. I play what I think is awesome.. Halo & gears are other heavy hitters that kill the charts i dont play... Hatsune Miku sold EXTREMELY well on vita but i dont care & will never buy it... I bought a vita cuz i know its freaking awesome! & is equipped to handle much more than whats out there on mobile devices
MacDonagh  +   1058d ago
Games appeal to demographics, be it casual or core and there is nothing wrong with that. Nintendo went after the casual crowd to appeal to a broader demographic and they succeeded in doing that.

"Just dance & wii sports are HEAVY hitters too!"

They sold well and they appeal to people. Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean you should dismiss it out of hand.

"Dude seriously, look at reality & think for yourself"

...and who said irony was dead? I merely provided you with some sales figures according to VGChartz because you claimed that sales don't matter which is totally false.

Hatsune Miku sold EXTREMELY well on vita

First off, Hatsune Miku didn't perform EXTREMELY WELL in Japan. Had a sales spike, then it dropped off the charts.


You're making up falsehoods at this point.

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wastedcells  +   1058d ago
Vita is awesome gamer tech. We need cool toys like this.
Pillsbury1  +   1058d ago
Just needs more games, give It time to flourish.
forestfrog  +   1058d ago
Comic book guy said that the vita is "the best handheld console ev-errr"
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forestfrog  +   1058d ago
*looks at disagrees* I scence a stealth Nintendo troll among us
ziggurcat  +   1058d ago
almost a year??? not quite. there's still quite a bit of time before you can say it's been almost a year.

Yodagamer  +   1058d ago
I'm kinda waiting to see what call of duty/assassins creed does for the sales, because if the sales don't go up it could effect what third party games are brought over.
Gridloc  +   1058d ago
Since when is 8 months a year? Give the Vita some time. Shitty economy and mobile games slowed the whole gaming industry.
SpinalRemains138  +   1058d ago
Remind me again how 7 months = "almost a year"?

Vita is definitely not doing as well as SONY would have liked, but it is far from dead.

New titles on the way and new IPs in the works. Ps+ is coming to Vita next month and next year it will start to build some momentum.
No worries here anyway

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