Blu-ray's Lead Narrows - Leaked NPD Group Reports Shows Blu-ray's Lead Shrinking From Reports Issued 2 Weeks Earlier

Greg Tarr of Twice writes: Despite aggressive price promotions on HD DVD players from Toshiba, sales of Blu-ray Disc players continued to outsell HD DVD units by a wide margin through the week ending January 26, according to leaked NPD Group reports, but the gap has narrowed significantly from reports issued two weeks earlier.

Dedicated Blu-ray Disc player sales, which omit video game consoles, represented 65 percent of unit volume share during the period and 69 percent of retail sales dollars, according to the leaked data. HD DVD players accounted for 28 percent of hardware unit sales and 14 percent of overall HD disc retail dollars. The remainder can be attributed to combo player sales share at 6 percent unit sales and 17 percent dollar share.

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Lucreto3753d ago

Well price cuts would narrow the lead but once May comes you will see the difference.

Anything but Cute3753d ago

I wouldn't count those sales as making a comeback.

cooke153753d ago

ah but the more people who buy these players on 'clearance' increase the market share making movie studios rethink their stance.

Who in their right mind would want to pay 2 or 3x as much money for basically the same thing? Logically it makes no sense whatsoever.

robbo9183753d ago

The ones that are in the Blu camp are not idiots, they know its due to the fire sale of HD-DVD players and some HDDVDs. Consider it took clearance sales to attempt to bridge the gap, IMO this won't change the death of HD-DVD.

akaFullMetal3753d ago

you hate everything that is sony for some reason, even really good things sony does, but why try to say that hd-dvd will win, no body is that blind, since blu has 70 percent of movie studios its clearly showing how its going to eventually end, sorry dude

SurferDude3753d ago

lol stand alone blu-ray players are still outselling the clearance HD-DVD's by 2 to 1. Thats not even including the PS3. Now that is pathetic.

Bonsai12143753d ago

i wonder if they know that they're buying into an obsolete format..

jackdoe3753d ago

I mean, you really have to take the PS3 into account as virtually everyone suggests the PS3 as one of the best Blu-ray players to get. It can be updated by firmware and supports BD 1.1.

actas1233753d ago

If u take the PS3 into account the lead willl probably be 99:1. Thats because both Stand alone Blue and HDVD players sell in very small numbers compared to PS3 numbers.

TheExecutive3752d ago

why is it smarter? Market share is market share.

Cyrus3653752d ago

It's already at 1.1 Profile and soon it'll be updated to 2.0 profile.

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The story is too old to be commented.