Battlefield 3 - War Movies Recreated In DICE's FPS Title

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is bloody amazing. Reddit’s user ‘sharpless512′ shared some interesting wallpapers, showcasing war movies posters that have been recreated in Battlefield 3. The movies that have been recreated are: Jarhead, Black Hawk Down, Art of Valor, The Hurt Locker and Three Kings. A comparison between the real ones and those recreated in BF3 can be viewed below. Enjoy!"

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ahamling272055d ago

These are pretty sweet! The Black Hawk Down one is my fave.

Majin-vegeta2055d ago

These are awesome.
The only movie i haven't seen is the second one has anyone seen it and is it worth watching?

Kaneda2055d ago

I give this two thumbs up!

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