Bungie Confirms Destiny Is A Sandbox, Hires Red Dead Dev

NowGamer: Bungie reveals a few clues to Destiny's development and even hires some new talent to help out.

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nrvalleytime1902d ago

Whoo boy. This IP is shaping up to be something incredible.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1901d ago

It's shaping up to be something special? How so?

I may be wrong but besides the fact that it's a sandbox, we know nothing about this game.

Maybe you're commenting on the teaming of the Red Dead dev and Bungie but even that means nothing as to how the game will turn out.

PurpHerbison1900d ago

I know optimism is extremely rare now... but just let the guy have his moment.

neogeo1900d ago

After you said sanbox stop writing.

Its a sandbox!!!

Now go home and get your Fing shine box..

Freak of Nature1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It comes from a well proven dev/studio. It has retained a proven talent in Danny Bulla from RDR...MMO-style "sci-fantasy, action shooter" featuring "client based mission structures with persistent elements" all in a sandbox......If I were a betting man (which I am not) I would bet on this being something special. It's got the ear marks for it looking at it's pedigree...

Time will tell that's for sure, but you can 90%+ bet it will be one to watch...

frjoethesecond1900d ago

Am I the only one who think that looks like the steam logo?


NO, damn Jason Jones cant find away to escape the marathon logo use in marathon and halo.
also a side note

Bungies title will be called
Space Marine Cowboy
Wild Wild West in Space.

otherZinc1900d ago

I don't care what Bungies next game is, I'm buying it.

Bungie created my favorite game series of "All Times"!, Halo. I owe it as thanks good or bad, the second must be proven. The game may be great & I won't have to use my money as a thank you Bungie measure.

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jimmins1902d ago

Still can't figure out where this is headed, but sign me up!

Grap1901d ago

sandbox like GTA and Reddead, SR or sandbox like Halo and other games.

lastdual1901d ago

That's exactly what I was wondering.

Bungie always referred to the "Halo sandbox" back in the day, but they weren't talking about the games being open world. The phrase meant that firefights could turn out differently due to the AI being highly adaptive and dynamic rather than scripted.

NYC_Gamer1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I'm happy Bungie chose to create a new franchise instead of just sticking with Halo forever

pablo-b1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

so am i. after playing reach, you could tell that they had lost all motivation for making halo games.

whereas 343 look like they are going to make the franchise into something special.

if it took going back to an indie dev to to get back their mojo, then its all good. because the halo games bungie made last gen were great. this gen not so much. and i would like to see them pumping out games of equal quality..

Captain_Freud1901d ago

Well Reach was made by a fraction of their team, in the span of less than two years. The rest of their team was working on ODST or Destiny.

It was really their chance to experiment with the campaigns more than anything else. Reach was all about bigger, open levels. Thus the multiplayer levels ripped directly from the campaign.

hellvaguy1901d ago

ODST was released a good 2 years before Reach. Im going with a failed troll here.

Captain_Freud1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

ODST was released in 2009, Reach in 2010.

After Halo 3 launched, seperate teams were:
1) Supporting Halo 3 post-launch. Maps, matchmaking, etc.
2) Making ODST
3) Making Reach
4) Working on Destiny

Compare that to the "all hands on deck" strategy for Halo 3. It wasn't that they "lost motivation", it's that they were working on several projects. And with all that, Halo 3 was supported well post-launch, ODST was fantastic, and Reach was a solid game. People complain that it wasn't a "core Halo" game, but that was the point. They had some time left on their contract to experiment.

EDIT: Directly from the team:

The Great Melon1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


Finally, another person who liked ODST. I really enjoyed ODST's somber setting and the overworld you traverse to get to each memory mission. It may not have been the best Halo for Co-op, but I found it to be the most enjoyable game out of the series to sit and down a relax to. That game was great for unwinding after a busy day.

CommonSense1900d ago

Halo Reach has more content packed into that disc than just about any game i've played on console. Not sure how you can say it seems like they lost motivation.

To me, it seemed like they really wanted to go out with a bang.

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Belking1901d ago

Can't wait. I hope this lands on the 720.

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