Microsoft cuts Windows 7 features - already

The 'shorthorning' of Windows 7 has begun, features are being shed left and right. The latest one is graphics a API, DirectX 11 in this case.

From what The Inquirer is told by reliable sources, Microsoft was keen on having DirectX 11 be part of Windows 7. DirectX 10, which while technically pretty nifty, is saddled with Vista as an arm twist mechanism, so it is taking off like a water buffalo with bunions and a weight problem.

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v1c1ous3754d ago

They're doing it to keep hardware requirements down. This is a bad thing, how?

So let me get this straight. One of the biggest criticisms that this site and others have had about Vista is that it runs slow on old hardware, and tried to ram DX10 down everyone's throat, but when Microsoft listens to their customers and starts designing their next OS to be more friendly to older systems, that is a bad thing? Talk about being damned if you do and damned if you don't.

it's like a pseudo me in everyone's mind

richierich3754d ago

Theres only one game out now that takes advantage of DX10 and thats Crysis and now there are DX10.1 cards whats the point if you have to keep upgrading when hardly any games get released for the PC

ichimaru3754d ago

dosen't Bioshock use direct x 10

incogneato3754d ago

A lot of games use DX10 and Crysis is a horrible example because it is one of the ones that really don't gain much from DX10.

Keowrath3753d ago

Heh, yeah. Take a look at the DX9 and DX10 versions of Hellgate and tell me that.

Charlie26883753d ago

In the case of the use of games of DX10 there is 2 groups the group were the use of DX10 gives some sort of visible difference and the group were looks the same as DX9 but runs worse -_-

Games were noticeable DX10 "effects"
Crysis: with DX10 the most predominant effect given is a SH!T load of more blur effects but in my personal opinion I think the blur effect are maybe why too much and while it was suppose to add realism it makes you character look drunk at times it also takes a HUGE hit on the game performance

World in Conflict: DX10 gives you the interactive volumetric smokes (or something like that) that makes smoke or gas react realistically with the environment like Helicopters rotor disperses smoke from burning buildings EXTREMELY realistically this effect is probably the only effect I have found to be DX10 worthy

not games with no visible change
Hellgate: with DX10 you are suppose to get more realistic weather or something of that kind but comparing there is hardly any difference

Universe at War: to be honest it has DX10 support but no explanation of what it improves but I haven't seen any difference at all between the versions

Bioshock: DX10 is suppose to give an extra edge in the graphics by making them sharper but you can hardly tell the difference

as you see DX10 seems to be a hit or miss with some games but what I assure people is that more devs will start forcing more noticeable effects and mark them under DX10 exclusive as a way to push DX10 even when we have read from specialist than most of the current DX10 effect could easily be done in DX9 >.>

Keowrath3752d ago

The difference between DX9 and DX10 in Hellgate is incredible! I'm using DX9 with graphics on full settings and the game looks like crap, that goes for all others I know using DX9.

DX10 doesn't just change the weather, the character detail is about TWENTY times better. If you need an example go to the Hellgate forums and check out the character threads where people display their characters. If you don't see a difference, there is something very wrong with yer eyes!

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Odion3754d ago

shouldn't this be stated as a rumor since non of this is official.

Graphics by ATi3754d ago

All of this bullshit is exactly why I still have a 512MB AGP DirectX 9.0c card (from 2 years ago) that runs all game past and current at high or max settings and high fps.

Only towards the very end of a video card's life cycle will you see games that really use it well.

Bnet3433754d ago

Look at the source, nuff' said.

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