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Destructoid: "Whereas an unspecific Monster Hunter for the Vita was said to be scheduled for release before the year’s end, Declassified exists and is quite playable. I’m not sure it’ll be how the west is won for Sony’s wonderful handheld, but it’s definitely a Call of Duty game and they sell staggeringly well."

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RubyToTheMax1902d ago

I will wait for reviews, a lot of reviews.

HebrewHammer1902d ago

Nihilistic scares the hell out of me...

chrisarsenalsavart1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

If the game is as good as resistance BS then it s first day buy for me too.
Because compare to all idiots who have made comments on resistance BS ad have not even played the game, i actually played it and found it pretty good for a first attempt.

Don,t judge a game before you actually played it.

To me, resistance was the first game that made me feek like i was playing a true fps on the go. Yes the graphics were not the best( again first nihilistic game on the platform)the multiplayer although not that bad was not as comparable as the home console version.

Nihilistic deserve a bit more credit for what they achieved with Resistance bs. I think they have learned a great deal of the machine because of it and COD Declassified will benefit from it.

CaptCalvin1901d ago

I've played it and I thought it was mediocre. Sure it is the first nihilistic title on a new platform, I should give them the benefit of the doubt. But you have to keep in mind, ANY nihilistic game on ANY platform were all of similar quality. They had enough chances.

HarryMasonHerpderp1902d ago

Yeah wait for the reviews first Nihilistic don't exactly have a great reputation for great games.

Cam9771902d ago

I'll wait for reviews.

DivineAssault 1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

I dont trust these devs.. I bet killzone will own this game in every way imaginable.. It seems to be developed way too quickly & its visually dull.. Sony shouldnt release this game this year.. BLOPS 2 releases just before it so fans will be playing that still.. Plus it would grant the devs more time to polish it up & add more features.. This is not a wise decision for them even with the COD name attached to it... I really REALLY doubt that this will move units or even sell well.. Japan will disregard it completely & the west will be busy with other games when its released.. SMH sometimes i want to sit down with whoever is in charge & just ask them "WTF is wrong w u & WTF are u doing?!" If it does sell a lot, i will be very shocked.. Then again, that Hatsune Miku game moved a sh*t ton of units & software so anything is possible.. well, @ least ill be playing AC3 Liberation soon..

chrisarsenalsavart1902d ago

Killzone won,t come for another year, sooooooo!

DivineAssault 1902d ago

so what? would u rather a half a$$ game be rushed out thats mediocre at best or wait for a gem to be created? Theres so many other games coming that it wont matter if its a yr away.. In actuality, i would rather the game not even be released at all than to get one thats crap.. It might not be tho so im not going to say anything about it.. If it turns out good, then its a plus for everyone.. But if its good, & had another yr of dev time, it could end up GREAT & a system seller..

rpd1231902d ago

I cannot wait for Killzone.

Der_Kommandant1902d ago

Flop of the year

Nihilistic is a complete joke

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The story is too old to be commented.