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IGN - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified -- Be Skeptical

IGN’s Mitch Dyer saw Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified’s multiplayer at Gamescom and called it “disappointing.” Having finally had a chance to try it for myself, it makes me sad to say that those initial impressions mirror my own. It isn’t even bad or unlikable in its current, pre-release state, but a number of technical limitations make it feel far from the Call of Duty console-like experience on a handheld. (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita)

Hatsune-Miku  +   780d ago
I can't wait to buy this game in ps vita. I'm not a big cod fan for consoles but ill buy it on vita. It's generic on consoles but a vert welcomed edition in the vita

Sprint in this game should be a double tap of the back touchpad. Grenades should be like in resistance also where you tap the front screen and drag. Melee should be a tap of the enemy up close
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RubyToTheMax  +   780d ago
"It's generic on consoles but a vert welcomed edition in the vita"

This sentence alone makes me shutter.

Aside from that, I wasted $40 dollars on Bull Shiz, and will not waste $50 on Decrapified. Nihilistic can suck my d...!
cpayne93  +   780d ago
Didn't you used to have an account called Cowlyn or something? The way you write reminds me of that user.

And btw

"It's generic on consoles but a vert welcomed edition in the vita"

Are you insane? Looks like its going to be much worse than cod on console.
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Carni  +   780d ago
Well it could bee good but not a perfect game i think this will be 7/10
DialgaMarine  +   780d ago
The trailer looked absolutely terrible. The game looks like an extremely watered down version of the first Black Ops. Seeing as CoD as a whole is a watered down piece of crap, that's just sad right there. After the bust that was Resistance: BS (ha), it looks like we're going to have to wait for Killzone Mercenary to finally see a decent FPS on the Vita. This is also a pretty much surefire sign that Sony needs to stop letting Nihlistic develope games on PS platforms, because they obviously can't do it for shit.
GreenRanger  +   780d ago
They should just scrap this and port over Black Ops 2.
Vic_Mackey  +   780d ago
I wish they would just stop already. Damn shortsighted people keep paying for it.
Cam977  +   780d ago
I haven't bought one since Mw2 however; it is a welcome change to the Vita so I will buy it.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   780d ago
looks like theres no zombies in this according ign after reading that article no go for me until i see more gameplay
profgerbik  +   779d ago
Fuck Zombies. I am so sick of fucking Zombies and I love them.

The only god damn time Zombies were acceptable in a FPS was fucking Half Life, House of Dead and Wolfenstein. Other than that keep them the hell out of FPS please.

Damn I played the shit out of Return to Castle Wolfenstien online. That game was so fun back in the day.
Cam977  +   780d ago
LOL! That's what they get for hiring Nihilistic; I really wanted this to do well, this can only hurt the Vita.
rasecmask  +   780d ago
Why not make running simple as the medal of honor heroes for the psp?
double tap the analog stick and hold foward to run....so much simple then thumbs off the analog...press down...
Cam977  +   780d ago
Just read the article and it sounds good.
Krew_92  +   780d ago
Wait... on your first post you said this was a welcomed addition to your vita.

Then on your second post you said the game can only hurt the Vita, then on this post you say it sounds good?

Strange, lol.
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rpd123  +   780d ago
I was really hoping for zombies. There are so many things that they've done wrong with this game. Hopefully at some point they'll be an update for 8v8 and maybe a zombies expansion.
ForRealz17  +   780d ago
Canceling my pre-order. I thought that maybe I'd give it a chance but I'd rather save the money and put it towards something better. The 4v4 only is my biggest gripe and I thought I could overlook it but I can't.
Muffins1223  +   780d ago
This is complete garbage
Acquiescence  +   780d ago
This game will be slaughtered come release...
it won't be pretty. At least there's Liberation, which is shaping up rather well.
one2thr  +   780d ago
And Need for Speed:Most Wanted :)
profgerbik  +   779d ago
Yea I wasn't that into Liberation at first honestly but I am for sure buying it after seeing how it's been developing over time and more videos have been released.

It looks amazing and the scale of it is astonishing for a handheld period. I can't wait, it would be nice if somehow it eventually got multiplayer also. I wouldn't care if it was only 1v1 like GTA on the PSP.

Still would be so much fun.
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r21  +   780d ago
What? No zombies mode? Why the hell not?! I was so looking forward to zombies mode on the go :C I really hope this game will be worth it but with Nihilistic in charge, im not sure.
lonelygoner  +   780d ago
That's what Activision gets for hiring a low budget developer to handle a high profile game.
jonnyp777  +   780d ago
Well, I get it for free with all my Sony Rewards points, so I'm looking forward to it. CoD on my lunch break, I'm down. I'll add that and most wanted to MLB the show 12, hot shots golf, gravity rush, little big planet, tony hawk hd, and fifa. all free thanks to sony rewards points. Spend $100 on PSN this month, get $20 back ftw!
profgerbik  +   779d ago
Yea of course it isn't the most amazing CoD game and personally I have not been amazed by CoD in a very long time to begin with so it is not like I expected much from this one anyways like others have.

But... For what it is though, like I said and you have, you can't deny it will be fun just have it on the go.

It should be worth at least that.
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CaptCalvin  +   779d ago
Although I'm not very optimistic about this title either, how is having to take your thumb off the control sticks to do something a valid complaint? You make it sound as if the face buttons and directional pads on a regular console controller aren't meant to be pressed.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   779d ago
yes i agree on that and wolfenstien was great fun but zombies on the black ops franchise has become a fundamental part of the game so its needed as its alot of fun to play with others

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