Video game violence to be bagged & tagged

THE GOVERNMENT has floated plans to bolster the system for rating video games because it fears children could be deranged by virtual violence. Details of the plans were leaked to The Guardian newspaper today, a month before tasty TV psychologist Tanya Byron is due to publish her government review of violent video games.

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I hate the way outsiders look at videogames.

I do like, however, the fact that more psychologists are saying that violent video games are an excellent way to release aggression and such.

How can you refute that? Really! Would these Jack-Thompson types like it if their children were aggressive and didn't have a proper release for it?

I wonder how they would like it one of their children took a gun to school because he was picked on for 10 years and never was able to channel the bottled up fear and aggression into something harmless, such as videogames.

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Everyone do yourselves a favor and read this:


After you're done reading that, forward it to everyone you know that thinks videogames are cause for aggression and violence in our youth.

yamamoto1143754d ago

Violence was always considered more taboo than nudity in Great Britain.

Yes. This is Great Britain. If you're an American, turn around and walk away, this does not concern you (lucky). If you're the poster of this article, USE THE GODDAMN PEGI LABELS SO US BRITISH DON'T GET A SIGH OF RELIEF FALSELY KNOWING THAT THIS ISN'T CONCERNING BRITAIN.

haloblows3754d ago

In America, we consider nudity more of a taboo than violence. I don't know why. It's probably the puritan background.But this stuff is stupid like PS3-1701D said,"excellent way to release aggression and such." That is so true, there has probably been less shootings because of playing games like Grand Theft Auto than because of it. I know a lot of people that love video games because they can release their frustration and anger by killing and looting people in video games,and they are fine afterwards and very tolerant to other people.

EastCoastSB3754d ago

I'd rather have people killing virtual people instead of out on the streets doing it.

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