Forza Horizon Hands On Preview: So Realistic You Can Reach Out & Get Run Over -StickTwiddlers

The latest offering in the series is a lot more accessible than previous Forza titles and the cars are so realistic you can almost reach out and get run over by them.

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stickwiddlers, was it running on triple panels at eurogamer 2012? I still have yet to find an answer as to whether or not it supports multi screens. Was it set up on a wheel or regular 360 controller?

FordGTGuy2083d ago

It does not support multi-screen.

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What have you heard or read about wheel support? Do you know if it will support true 900 degrees? I have been looking but, unless Im just looking in the wrong places, haven't found much on details when it comes, really to us wheel users. Even on Forza's main website there are next to no details.

To the disagrees. Seriously, it's sad how low this site has reduced itself to nothing but a bunch of non gaming trolls. I am here to actually get information and not get caught up in your imaginary war on electronic entertainment devices.

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Horizon certainly looks great, but it doesn't look more realistic than F4 did; and isn't this supposed to be a sim/arcade racer, anyway?

Ah, after reading, it refers specifically to the cars as being "so realistic." He DOES say the landscape looks great, but the same adjective isn't used.

Oh, well. I'm certain it'll be a great game, regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.