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Forza Horizon Hands On Preview: So Realistic You Can Reach Out & Get Run Over -StickTwiddlers

The latest offering in the series is a lot more accessible than previous Forza titles and the cars are so realistic you can almost reach out and get run over by them. (Forza Horizon, Xbox 360)

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Boody-Bandit  +   1148d ago
stickwiddlers, was it running on triple panels at eurogamer 2012? I still have yet to find an answer as to whether or not it supports multi screens. Was it set up on a wheel or regular 360 controller?
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FordGTGuy  +   1148d ago
It does not support multi-screen.
Boody-Bandit  +   1147d ago
What have you heard or read about wheel support? Do you know if it will support true 900 degrees? I have been looking but, unless Im just looking in the wrong places, haven't found much on details when it comes, really to us wheel users. Even on Forza's main website there are next to no details.

To the disagrees. Seriously, it's sad how low this site has reduced itself to nothing but a bunch of non gaming trolls. I am here to actually get information and not get caught up in your imaginary war on electronic entertainment devices.
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Hicken  +   1148d ago
Horizon certainly looks great, but it doesn't look more realistic than F4 did; and isn't this supposed to be a sim/arcade racer, anyway?

Ah, after reading, it refers specifically to the cars as being "so realistic." He DOES say the landscape looks great, but the same adjective isn't used.

Oh, well. I'm certain it'll be a great game, regardless.
ChunkyLover53  +   1148d ago
Seems like every Forza article is overrun with trolls, not sure why people cant just let others enjoy what they want. They feel the need to harass others simply because they are insecure about the games they like in comparison.

Glad to see this game is getting so much positive reaction, makes me feel better about dropping the money for the Collectors Edition.

Microsoft has a busy couple of months with Forza Horizon, Fable The Journey and Halo 4 releasing.
JellyJelly  +   1148d ago
They feel insecure because GT5 was a disappointment and isn't as fun to play as Forza 4.
otherZinc  +   1148d ago

Half the cars have interiors, half doesnt.
Half the tracks look great, half look like PS2.
Half the cars have damage, half the cars dont.

In Forza 4 all of the above is in the entire game!

GT5 is a half-ass game.
neoMAXMLC  +   1148d ago
Your comment backfires pretty hard considering there are always a large amount of trolls in GT5 related articles as well. Talk about insecure and pretty delusional.

OtherZinc, half assed? The detail in GT5 premium cars are double than any car in Forza. From fully rendered interiors and correct shifting animations in every car to working high beams, horns and windshield wipers (for weather and night effects, something Forza completely lacks).
If GT5 is half assed then Forza completely lacks any sort of ambition.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1148d ago

You are right, OtherZinc is incorrect. GT5 doesn't have half premium cars....GT5 has 20% of premium cars.

GT5 IS half assed in the sense that you are getting a very limited amount of car manufactures for a list that consists of just over 1000 cars. 80% of those cars are ports either from PSP or PS2. Just look at these car models.


I agree that the Premium cars look great, but they are not leaps and bounds better than Forza 4 like you are trying to pull off. Also, there are ONLY around 200 premiums and the Bugatti Veyron doesn't even have a proper interior view? That alone is an EPIC FAIL. However EVERY CAR in Forza 4 does have a highly detailed interior view. Not to mention a much broader selection of car manufacturers resulting in a better cateloge of cars to choose from.

Don't even start with Weather or day/night cycles. Those are NOT on every track. As a matter of fact, there are MORE tracks that DON'T have weather then DO. What you need to be focusing on is CORE game elements expected in a racing sim like tuning. Forza has ALWAYS had the best tuning tools in a racing sim. GT5's tuning system pales in comparison. We already know GT5's poor damage integration. Forza has Mechanical AND cosmetic damaging on ALL aspects of the vehicle right from the get go.

I own GT5 and Forza 4 and as a long time GT fan since PS1 era, there is NO doubt that PD has suffered from the typical Japanese Nostalgia of not wanting to adapt and change. GT5 is a clear image of that.

GT5 excels in some aspects over Forza...however it's not by very large increments. However with what Forza excels in over GT5, are HUGE and easily seen.

Forza has been the highest rated racing sim franchise on consoles since Forza 1 launched on the original xbox for a reason. Turn 10 strive to perfect and better the Forza IP. It has taken 6 years to get GT5 out and what the game offered clearly showed that it was released as an unfinished game.

Even the ONLINE aspect is much superior in Forza with it's community. Auction house, selling car tune ups and load outs, decals, paint jobs. The online game modes outside of the traditional racing like drag racing, cat n mouse, soccer, tag etc.

THAT is what makes GT5 a "half assed" game.
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neoMAXMLC  +   1148d ago

I almost didn't bother with your entire post considering that first line of yours had NOTHING to do with my comment. Where in my last comment did I say that he was wrong about GT5 having half the amount of premium cars? Also, than*

"ONLY" 200 premium cars? You can't be serious... What other racing game out there has as many cars with that much detail put into every single car? No, It isn't Forza. The premium cars ARE leaps and bounds more detailed than anything found in Forza (other than the AutoVista cars which are unplayable, but I'll get to that later). The shifting animations in Forza are laughable, half of the interior is non existent in every car, head lights don't even work, the list goes on and on! And are you seriously downplaying the fact GT5 has some pretty big features that Forza completely lacks? Talk about reaching. You want to talk about core elements? How about the actual handling of the cars? The physics engine in GT5 is definitely superior to that of Forza's. The wheel support is FAR superior in GT5 over Forza.

I own both GT5 and Forza 4 as well. There's no denying that as a simulator, GT5 trumps Forza. As a game, sure I suppose Forza takes that category yet I find myself to get bored of it pretty quickly compared to GT5.

The advantages that Forza has over GT5 are huge? Oh please. That is as subjective as you can get. Don't think you can downplay all the different ways you can race in GT5 while praising the few things you can do in Forza over GT5. I am still laughing at how you think you can somehow spin day to night cycles, weather, rally, and everything else you can do in GT5 as a negative! Having less tracks with night races and weather is somehow worse than not having them at all? LOL

All this talk about PD taking too long to release their game... take a look at Forza's AutoVista. Only a few dozen cars right? Clearly 2 years isn't enough when they actually want to put effort into the attention to detail of their cars. I would love to see them try and match the attention to detail of all of their PLAYABLE cars to GT5's premium cars. That's what PD really strives in. Some of the details in GT5 is pretty jaw dropping. For example, the special rally events has your co driver holding a notepad with all the turns written on them as he reads them to you. Keep in mind these are for the randomly generated courses. You can't even see that notepad unless you go into camera mode.

Turn 10 strive to perfect their IP? All they seem to strive in is polishing up the same game more and more. What they lack is ambition. You can disagree all you want. If you think that comment is ignorant, well right back at ya with your half assed comment.
ALLWRONG  +   1148d ago
Why are Forza comments being removed in Forza news but GT5 comments aren't?
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neoMAXMLC  +   1145d ago
----------"That's just an opinion unless you have some hard data to PROVE that GT5's physics are superior to Forza's. "

--Never heard of GT5's data logger? Get a real car out in a real track and you'll pretty much get a 1:1 identical performance when applying the data into GT5.
And yeah, some publications praised Forza's realism but when did I say Forza wasn't realistic? I simply said GT5 trumps it. Where in that article you linked states that Forza is a better simulator? :)

----------""The premium cars ARE leaps and bounds more detailed than anything found in Forza" - Again, completely subjective as that's just your OPINION"

--Oh really? So Forza has working windshield wipers? Working head lights and high beams? Car horns? Realistic shifting animations for EVERY premium car? Factual evidence my friend.

------------"half of the interior is non existent in every car" - That's pretty funny because ALL of the interior is non existent in 80% of GT5's cars.

--That's really the only legitimate point anybody can make against GT5. But irrelevant to my point. I was comparing Forza's cars to GT5's premium cars. 200 cars is still a lot. a Hell of a lot more than most racers out there. And you really can't find the amount of work and detail put into those cars in any other racer.

--------Night, weather, & Rally are NOT negatives - however, just because GT5 has them doesn't mean that any game that doesn't have them is somehow inferior. Some people would prefer 100% premium cars to extra modes, and vice versa.

Besides, If Forza added night, weather, & Rally, the GT fans would be falling all over themselves proclaiming Forza a "copycat".

--Now where and when did I say that Forza is inferior for lacking those things? I wasn't the first to call out one of the two franchises for being disappointing or half-assed. I only brought those features up as a way to refute these dumb arguments about GT5 being disappointing or half assed. Also, Horizons added all of those things now, finally. Where are those copy cat comments you speak of? :)
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1142d ago

Why are you even defending Weather, Day/Night transitions and Rally?

Weather is NOT on all tracks - another point of being half-assed.

Day/Night transitions are NOT on all tracks - another point of being half-assed.

Rally is a great addition but so is LeMans in Forza 4.

GT5 has some great features, but bottom line is that those features are not on all tracks or in all cars. Another indication of a "half-assed" game being released like Otherzinc had stated.

Forza focuses on CORE racing elements. GT5 didn't. Now I don't blame PD for GT5's shortcomings. Kazunori Yamauchi said that GT5 was ready to launch a year before it was launched. Why was it delay? It was delayed because Sony forced PD to include 800 more cars in order to sandbag a larger car list. PD has a much smaller team to work with and what GT5 excels in are really well done, but a game is ONLY as good as it's weakest variable. You can't say how great GT5's graphics are over Forza's because I can link a source that shows how poor they are....like I already did. Forza is consistent with it's graphics and every Forza Car model looks better without question then 80% of GT5's cars where obviously 80% equates to majority of the game.

Poor online lobby system, only 20% premium cars, lack of diverse car manufacturers etc.

I can understand if you prefer GT5 over Forza 4, but to ignore and refuse to accept that GT5 was an unfinished game is straight up delusional and biased.

My comment to you is NOT subjective as I gave proof. It's not "subjective" that GT5 only has 20% premium cars. That is FACT.

It is NOT subjective that many of the GT5 standard car models are poor ports from last gen systems as per the N4G link I produced which SHOWS the models. That is FACT.

Day/Night cycles and Weather not being available on each track is NOT subjective. That is FACT.

There is a reason why Forza is the #1 rated racing sim on consoles since the release of the franchise. Forza just offers MORE. Plain and simple.
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insomnium2  +   1148d ago
I think people are pissed off because F gets compared to GT all the time. It's apples to oranges but still people gloat about metacritic and compare. It's just so old that it's not fun anymore.

Additionally there is like 1 comment even mentioning GT and one comment blasting at GT. Where are the trolls you speak of? Imagination?

With jelly there there are more pro Forza and anti GT comments in here right now. Damn this site is so pro PS3 right....

A disagree? You can count can you?

Chukamachine up there saying Forza and realistic don't mix is just pointing the obvious. F is not a sim and it never even tried to be a sim. There are games that are closer to being realistic but bottom line is that that same line can be said about ANY game in existence. NO GAME is realistic.

Also look at jelly's agree to disagree ratio. Don't imply that ths site is full of PS3 trolls. It just doesn't hold any water anymore. This site is closer to being a pro x360 site if anything.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1148d ago
There are 4 comments removed for trolling. I agree that it is apples to oranges because Forza is the top racing sim of this generation hands down, in my opinion of course. Plus the fact that Turn 10 has managed to put out such high quality racing games in such a short amount of time.

I think jealousy plays a part as well, I mean they took forever with GT5, it wasn't really well received and they lacked premium cars, I mean when your importing cars from the PS2 games to fill out the roster, its not going to end well, especially for the amount of time they took.

I personally just look at Forza Motorsport as my own personal favorite racing series, Forza Horizon is looking to take a totally different piece of the market with an open world racer.
insomnium2  +   1148d ago
Duh they were removed for troling but I bet you didn't read them at all did you. LOL!

You see the rest of your comment is pure pro Forza garbage. That's the exact same thing (only about GT) you yourself started complaining about with your first comment here. "can't let others enjoy what they want" was it?

Based on that it seems it's only you who is insecure about his purchase here. People who are OBVIOUSLY trolling doesn't count since they are in here only to make people like you show their true colours. I would say line hook and sinker right about now.
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Ben_Grimm  +   1147d ago
God Insomnium, how many times must you get owned?

Again you spout the same nonsense over and over again.

"Check metacritic, check the agree/disagree ratio!"

You have nothing else but those two weak a** arguements. Check any other Forza article and you'll see the trolls. Again you are so blind about this site, look at the comments for this game and compare it to any Sony game. Which one has more action?

Compare any MS or Nintendo article, hardly any comments unless they are comparing or mentioning PS3. Now go look at the supposed "doom" articles or anything Sony related and check out the heat.

Pro 360 site? A supposed vet like You can do better than that. I know you won't respond because you're a coward and without the Metacritic arguement which I proved you wrong about you have nothing else to come at me with.
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urwifeminder  +   1148d ago
Really looking forward to this.
creeping judas  +   1148d ago
I wonder if we'll be able to organize a good old cat and mouse game like we used to do back in the Project Gotham 2 days??
ironwolf  +   1146d ago
Looking forward to cruising the highways and byways using my CSR rig. I only hope there are many, many miles of asphalt.

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