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"Having only mildly enjoyed the antics of New Super Mario Bros. on Wii and DS – because clearly I have no soul – the thought of New Super Mario Bros. U was actually rather interesting to me. I had hopes that Nintendo would use the launch of a new piece of hardware to innovate the series and usher in an intuitive way to play with the Wii U GamePad. Unfortunately my hands on time at Eurogamer Expo left me with a sour taste in my mouth for more 2D Mario adventures - one not too dissimilar from what I imagine eating a Yoshi egg would taste like."

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ShadyDevil2031d ago

How can one not like the age-old plumber? Seriously.

Samus HD2030d ago

there are no haters, there are only ignore-rs, and those in denial stage

Starfox8112030d ago

It's nothing against the plumber, just more the fact that Nintendo have done shit all to make NSMBU actually any different - in an involving way - to play.