Japan’s Biggest Gamer Idol Isn’t Thrilled with Resident Evil 6, Either

Kotaku Add Haruna Anno, retro game idol and retro game museum curator, to the chorus of cries saying that Resident Evil has lost the plot.

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Run_bare2060d ago

I click because of the picture.

egidem2060d ago

Ah, they know us so well.

Seriously, sticking on the topic here, (clicks on Read full story).

vortis2060d ago

I disagreed with you because we all know you did not click no "read the full story".

We came for the picture. We saw the picture. We left.

egidem2060d ago

Please learn to read between the lines.

I clicked on read the full story to look for more of her pictures, perhaps on the source?? That was my initial thinking.

After that I did an image search...

vortis2060d ago

oh okay...sorry, I couldn't read between the lines because I was looking at the picture.

Mocat2060d ago


You forgot the part where you left a comment trying to be smart.

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Plagasx2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

You clicked because you saw an asian man dressed in a Chun-Li outfit?


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danieldeath2060d ago

This is so irrelevant , Chun lee is not even related to RE.

Hicken2060d ago

Chun Li is in Street Fighter.

Street Fighter is made by Capcom.

Capcom made Resident Evil 6.

Not even six degrees.