Diehard GameFAN: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Review

DHGF: For many people, the combination of One Piece and Dynasty Warriors is a dream come true. Sadly, the game didn’t seem likely to come over here. However, it turns out that Namco-Bandai is not immune to the plights of fans. Pirate Warriors has indeed made it stateside. However, there are a few things you should know before jumping out to buy it. Firstly, there is no dub. There is only the original Japanese voices. That might not be a problem for some, but the next thing might. The game is only available on PSN. There is no retail copy currently available, and chances are there won’t ever be.

Even still, the game is out and there is clearly and audience for it. This is Luffy and company’s first foray onto the PS3, and expectations are through the roof. Can the game possibly live up to them?

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