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GameSpot: "Zany flair puts a bit of wind in its sails, but One Piece: Pirate Warriors is still a shallow, tedious game."

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DeletedAcc2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Gamespot, you sir are worse then ign

fabod862031d ago

sorry my fault, i wanted to agree. ^^"

fabod862031d ago

this game doesn't deserve a 4...
i have it from day one and i can easly say that for the fans of the manga/anime it's an absolute 9.5, for the rest is an enjoyable game and for sure far from that score(at worst a 6). ù.ù

Studio-YaMi2031d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself ! that's exactly how I felt too.

ThanatosDMC2031d ago

I dont think they understand that it's a fan game.

izumo_lee2031d ago

Why do all the Dynasty Warrior style games always get such mediocre scores? There is nothing wrong with that style as long as the game is fun for the fans of One Piece & Dynasty Warrior games.

This game was made for fans of the One Piece series & i think that the developers did a good job capturing the essence of the manga.

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