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Debate: Is Dead Space 3 right to include co-op?

OPM UK writes: It’s time to debate Dead Space 3′s co-op mode. Ian Wilson and Phil Iwaniuk lock horns and argue for and against buddying up in Visceral’s survival horror prospect.

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Community1934d ago
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Run_bare1934d ago

I keep my judgement open, it could be fun, but I believe the feeling of tension and fear will be diminish with co-op. I prefer to play this alone. Too early to judge though.

showtimefolks1934d ago

Dea space 1-2 are 2 of my favorite games so I will keep an open mind till it comes out and I can lay for myself. Resident evil 5-6 both have co-op so it's not like having co-op is out of place. It's just EA have to do it right and not mess up DS3 has huge potential

Lost planet 3 and dead space 3 look very similar. I was reading a preview for LO3 and it said something like this that LP3 is more of what RE needs to be.

LP2 was a huge dissoppointment

princejb1341934d ago

"Resident evil 5-6 both have co-op"
your answer is right there, and look what happened to resident evil franchise when they decided to add co-op

i love the dead space series i have beat both 1 and 2 over 4 times each and platinum both

but i have to say im a bit disappointed with adding co-op

Getowned1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Remember the MP on dead space 2 ? thats what co-op will be like.. I only wish co-op was a separate mode.. because I agree having help makes it less scarry, but it dosen't make it anyless fun. I have all the 3 of the dead space games and I love everyone of them, even extraction was awesome in its own way. I have no doubt that Dead Space 3 will be anyless awesome as Dead Space 1 & 2, and I'm glad they're trying to keep it fresh with new ideas. I just hope with the adition of co-op they make it harder and much more scary to compensate.


Dead space extraction had co-op and I've played it and completed it with 5 different people and while it was never really scarry, I had fun playing it with them. I think Dead space and Co-op can work, I hope they make it scarry, harder, and give you enough ammo to get by.. I want to be able to run out if were not careful... if I play co-op I'm playing it on hard! lol

TheRealSpy1934d ago

Dead Space was never really a survival horror game anyway. I'm all for it. I got bored about midway through both games, co-op could add a lot of value to the franchise.

frelyler1934d ago

Wait, your saying Dead Space 1 was never really survival horror? Please defend this stance with examples.

TheRealSpy1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

It wasn't scary and you had guns that made killing the enemies a piece of cake with plenty of ammo.

there's 2 pretty important examples.

It's an action game with a few startling moments. i'm not saying it's a bad game...just not a survival horror game.

frelyler1933d ago


I see your mistake. Games are made too easy nowadays. Play it on the hardest setting and then try and state those claims. That's the way games still should be, but unfortunately gaming going mainstream has simplified many games, which is why I always play them on the hardest setting ( the way gaming used to be).

-GametimeUK-1934d ago

Yes it is. The controls are perfectly set up for coop play. It can work and be amazing! The universe allows coop and it is a logical step forward for the franchise.

However... the main thing about coop in an established franchise is including it correctly. Having Coop that could potentially gimp the single player experience is a no no! Hopefully they balanced the game around SP (level design etc) and included coop as an extra instead of focusing on Coop and leaving the SP player feeling like he is missing out.

Want the ultimate solution? Should have had the Coop as a seperate campaign. Would have worked wonders for the franchise and could have expanded the Dead Space universe.

MilkMan1934d ago

I don't THINK so...but I'm going to play it and buy it day one. I don't speak about what I don't know. So when I play it Ill know whether it was the right decision or not. I have to have some faith in the devs. I mean, running around ANOTHER ghost ship?

Genecalypse1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Just another attempt by EA to make the game less survivor horror and more standard shooter. They already said scary games sell less, and that DS3 needs to sell 5 million to break even(which 1 and 2 never reached). So what better way than make it appeal to the COD audience

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