A Look Ahead - Q4 2012

VGChartz: "The end of September signals the start of the busy holiday season for the Videogame Industry and the months of October to December often contain the majority of big new game releases and account for almost half of the total annual sales of games and consoles."

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bmw692031d ago

So many great games, don't really know where to start...

aLucidMind2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Video game sales dropped in the summer quarter so companies will be trying to make up for that with some big sales. Watch out for them and buy the biggest titles first, as they will stay at their $60 tag longer than, say, Dishonored (which will likely be overlooked by many). Toys R Us has surprisingly been giving really good sales lately, with a 2 for $60 on several $60 games last month.

That's what I'm doing =p gonna be doing everything I can to save money and get all the games I'm looking at this year lol.

thorstein2031d ago

Imagine how many more games we would own if the retail price was still $49.99! I would easily justify picking up two games for $100, but 2 for $120 is pushing it. My decision before was always to drop the 100, now, I only pick one of the two and have to be content with that.

In essence, instead of doing 100 in sales the industry only gets 60....

Just my 34 cents.

Hivemind2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

All new games that come out in Australia are always priced at $100 so it's hard to buy lots of different games if you don't have a job.

But seriously $100 is a fucking ripoff and if you want to trade that game back in to the stores over here, they will only give you about $10 or less, for that game.

aLucidMind2030d ago

Yeah, Australians are pretty badly ripped off; not to mention how the ratings board sucks. Didn't they ban Mortal Kombat and a few other games simply because it was violent due to the fact their Mature rating is 15+? (I live in the US)

I would argue that it is pretty hard to do anything nowadays without a job or two.

BeAGamer2030d ago

can't wait to play Halo 4!

NovaSethyr2031d ago

Too many games! I don't think my wallet can sustain that much damage!

aLucidMind2031d ago

Stores use "Dishonored"
Super-effective on Wallet

Store uses "Assassin's Creed 3: Collector's Edition"
Super-effective; critical hit!

Wallet uses Buy 2, Get 1 Gamestop coupon!
Expired in August

FUUUUU... >_<

2031d ago
neogeo2031d ago

PC gamer uses piracy= priceless:)

Swiggins2031d ago

Industry Sues Pirate PC Gamer...IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2030d ago

man...when was the last time I pirate was even sued for piracy? Like aeons ago

GamerElite2030d ago

One night with your mom= priceless:)

360ICE2030d ago

More like pricey. I hear she's a classy broad.

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The story is too old to be commented.