Sorry, First Adopters - Better iPhone Is On The Way

Forbes writes:

"Apple outraged many of its fans last year when Chief Executive Steve Jobs dropped the price of the 8 gigabyte model of the phone by $200 just two months after putting the phone on sale in June. They were angered again last month when the company upgraded the software for the iPod Touch--and then demanded $20 for the upgrade from anyone who had already purchased the widescreen video player.

But if anyone complains when Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) introduces faster, better iPhones later this year, they'll have only themselves to blame. So, here's a bit of advice: if you haven't bought an iPhone yet, do yourself a favor and wait a little longer."

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sonarus3726d ago

i want an iphone that can realistcally double as a music player. Until the have one with at least 16GB preferrably 30GB i really am not interested. I am also waiting for the new itouch to upgrade memory as well. IF they had a 30GB itouch i would hop on that but till then i'm managing my psp as my old ipod broke:(

Bonsai12143726d ago

they released a 32gb touch a few days ago

AzaziL3726d ago

This article lacks complete logic; since when has technology not depreciate over time. My top of the line PC was middle of the pack within two months, my new car from years ago has been upgraded and restyled countless times, hell even my phone was outdated within a year.

The only way to satisfy people who complain when something that's better then what they've recently purchased is released, we'd have to halt technology advancement all together to accommodate their needs.

Either that or those people just need more money so they can waste it on the yearly update.

PS360WII3726d ago

I know right. List this under duh. To stay competitive in the cell phone world they need more than one model phone. I got so upset with the early adopters who got mad with the price drop. Hello that's the price you pay for buying it right away!

whoelse3726d ago

Im still waiting for them to drop the $20 price tag for the software upgrade:


meepmoopmeep3726d ago

early adopters revel in the bragging rights & show off dept.

Mr_Showtime13726d ago

i actualy have an iphone, dont know how i ever lived without it.

KeiZka3726d ago

Funny. I get along just fine with my regular Nokia 6151.

KeiZka3726d ago

Apparently someone doesn't think I should be getting along just fine with my phone.. that I need to, you know, phone and sms people? Also, it could double as my laptop PC's modem if required (And here I mean broadband). So what do I need more from my cellphone? And especially what use would I have for "smartphone"?

Nice to see people know myself better than I do without ever seeing me :p

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The story is too old to be commented.