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TheTwelve3754d ago

Good for Yahoo. About time somebody stuck it to Microsoft and doesn't sell out. Folks at Google can now drink to this...


socomnick3754d ago

:/ not really sure why Microsoft wanted Is ad revenue that profitable?

Bladestar3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

$521 billion, by 2010/year... that's what people think... but you see that's not including ingame and other platforms... Google has a monopoly over that and microsoft is trying to create a little more balance in that department... and even if yahoo and MSN combined google is still bigger...

DJ3754d ago

while Yahoo makes billions in profit. I see it as an easy way to help pay for MSN, though a lot of people that work at Yahoo have spent the past decade battling Microsoft on the Online front; I doubt many of them would stay if Microsoft bought them out.

Since making MSN a great service hasn't panned out, they need some other way of gaining market share against Google.

GIJeff3754d ago

"microsoft is trying to create a little more balance in that department." because all MS wants is balance...sure...riiiiiiight.

AllroundGamer3754d ago

yeah i had a great laugh too when i read that :) like when someone is desperately defending his master...

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Bladestar3754d ago

hah! I knew this was going to happen... I purchased like ??? yahoo shares at the news that microsoft may buy them... stocks went up... then It make sense that it would take a long time to even be approved ... and it may never be allowed since so many strong names like Google are against it which can slow the process.... so I sold... make some $$$... if you own yahoo stocks... and you don't want to lose money sell them... they will be worth what they used to before the bid.... which is $10+ less than today. And that's where is going once people know that the are rejecting it...

sharebuilder marketed grade this stock to D-(Sell) from B+(Buy) after this...

Now Yahoo is worth nothing... they will continue to bleed marketshare to Google until they are forced out of the industry...

I Make Stuff Up3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Thank you for that lesson in smart investing.
It opened many eyes I believe.
No, really. I mean it.

Come on, people. Stop laughing. I'm really serious. What's so funny?

GIJeff3754d ago

yahoo is worth nothing? buhahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha hhahahaaaaaa.

games4fun3754d ago

i'm sure yahoo is so horrible we should all sell our stocks because microsoft wont get their mits on them is that really economics talking or fanboyism?

quick sell yahoo stocks because msft wont be their to hemorrhage money for a few years before they make any kind of profit ya sound advice all this does is make yahoo look stronger

Bladestar3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

It's not a lesson... it's a fact... prior to google bidding google.. the stocks were $10 less than what they are today... went up because of the posibility of microsoft buying it... what do you think is going to happen now to the stock smart guy? Go back to what it was or even lower... you are loyal and anti-microsoft... go on... put your life saving on google stock today... and ignore what I am saying... it will drop at least $10... you don't have to believe me... open a free sharebuilder account... and see the rating on google stock....

and yeah... you may think low of microsoft... but even the bad guys can create a balance... just like you wouldnt be gettings lots of things if the xbox 360 wouldn't exists... like rumble... even a online service... competition regardless of who it is... benefit the consumer... you guys specially DJ are single sided and single minded... you talk about monopoly in a negative way when microsoft is the one doing it... but when it's someone like google then it's ok...
when google purchase double click.. and monopolized the online ad industry.... i didn't hear you complain...

and by the way... I dont use yahoo nor msn... only google... why? because i think google is better... but this is not about what i like but the fact that google is growing too big which can force all other browser to become obsolete... google already has 80% marketshare.. both yahoo and MSN marketshare keep going down... so regardless of how much you hate microsoft and how much I Prefer google... at the end of the day... who will benefit if the only search engine is google?

games4fun3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

your one to talk about fanboyism putting irony aside i didn't say anything bad about competition in fact i am glad there is competition its just when a monopoly instead of innovating just buys out the competition and online gaming for consoles came from the dreamcast/sega and micro pulled support for their software on dreamcast which was contributing factor for it failing imo, their are 1000's (some make little to no profit but they are still around) of search engines out there who cares about market share? the internet is different people can make anything they want on it to compete

i am anti-msoft but i am still typing away on their pc mainly because i need word documents so that the university will accept my papers also when it comes to consoles i will gladly own them all if i could in fact i bought a ps3(for a # of exclusive franchises) because imo its the best to get when i have some extra money later ill get a 360 (to play gears of war) and then a wii (they have skies of arcadia 2 coming out for it) in fact i am more anti-nintendo because they in my opinion are ruining the gaming market with iterations of mario and zelda rehashes to sustain them followed by casual games but even i will still buy these products because I'm a consumer first

also if i wanted to hear about what stocks to get i wouldn't listen to you because you have a history of being msoft oriented when msofts stocks were going down i never heard about selling their stocks from u but only when msoft does well do i hear about stocks which is fine i think this actually put yahoo in a good light as being a strong company that could say no but this is all My Opinion which shouldn't be taken into account when making decisions about stocks just as your's shouldn't be, don't tell people what to do with their own money just worry about yours.

On a sidenot DJ below wrote factual happenings to back up his point and you used an estimate rating system on yours whose got more solid info "smart guy" i would side with DJ on this one

Bill Gates3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Bladestar bro, sometimes you make absolutely no sense what so ever. This being one of those times.

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DJ3754d ago

Last time I checked Microsoft lost half a billion dollars on MSN last year while Yahoo made quite a lot of profit. Yahoo does not need Microsoft to survive, and they SHOULD reject this deal.

I use Yahoo about as much as I use Google, so I'd be pretty ticked if Microsoft started screwing things up on the Yahoo side.

GIJeff3754d ago

nobody uses MSN because they constantly try to shove MS BS in your face. Its annoying. Yahoo and Google are the only things i use.

games4fun3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

when i search for something i pick yahoo first and then pick Google as a second i actually like them both i would have stopped visiting if msft got hold of them i could see it now live posted everywhere and a system based on msoft pnts for emailing and paying for said email its only 300 pnts and you get to email all your friends who have the same service quicker

Bnet3433754d ago

MSN Messenger is the most used outside of America believe it or not.

resistance1003753d ago

';nobody uses MSN because they constantly try to shove MS BS in your face'

You serious? i don't know one person under 25 who hasn't got an MSN account and who uses it quite often.

MSN is huge, and its the best thing MS have ever done imo.

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kewlkat0073754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

some yahoo employees are still in trouble because Yahoo is going to have to downsize to cut COST, like most do.

It's either that or re-energize their business to compete with google, or buy other small companies that can make them stronger.

Now if this deal would of gone through, it just means much more would of lost jobs with MS take-over, but hey that's just business.

Either way, Yahoo is still exacerbating their options on what to do...Tough times ahead.

MS is in this to compete, when it feels threatened, then again weren't they saying Goggle has slowed down a bit. I wonder what investors are thinking on the yahoo side..44 blil

games4fun3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

i think that they should make a merger of some sorts with another search engine such as ask jeeves or merger with a company that doesn't have a search engine per se such as apple, apple is good at software and they could add itunes and other things along that line to compete with google, apple as i know of, does not have some sort of big search engine so they would not lose any jobs unlike the msft deal

wageslave3754d ago

YHOO knows they are failing, and MS wants to jump forward in time and not have to wait to build share.

YHOO is holdling for a better price, that is all.

IntelligentAj3754d ago

If Yahoo is holding out for a better offer then they are stupid. That MS offer is a 50 or 60% premium. They're not going to find a better price.

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