Spelunker HD Receives New DLC

Tozai Games has today launched brand new downloadable content (DLC) for the popular Spelunker HD videogame. Fans are in for even more challenging platform action with two additional new Championship Mode DLC packs coming, EX9 and EX10, available now in both Europe and North America.

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Kamikaze1351900d ago

Such an awesome game. I need to check out this new DLC.

MWH1900d ago

which is harder and more fun, Spelunker or Spelunky? anyone tried both?

admiralvic1900d ago

They're completely different games, but Spelunker is the better game.

Spelunky is a randomly generated puzzle that can be finished in under 10 minutes. Since the game is randomly generated, you can't learn from your mistakes... per say. On one hand you know what can kill you, but you might never run into that situation ever again or have the ability to avoid it. Additionally, many of the levels can be designed to be easier or harder based off luck, though it's hard to say dumb luck makes any game fun.

Spelunker is a fixed game that relies on extreme amounts of skill. Similar to Demon / Dark Souls, Spelunker motivates you to learn from your deaths, which should be fairly common. These can be obvious errors, like jumping too low or not understanding the timing of a certain puzzle. Whatever the situation, you need to figure it out or hope you get lucky. Since this is true for the whole game, you have 100 levels to figure out with alternate versions in MP (ropes break over weight, shortcuts, etc) and challenge runs (keys turn invisible once you finish the stories 100 stages).

Spelunkers DLC is a bit different though. They took the core concept of Spelunker and basically made it a completely different game. When you consider the original was hated for difficulty, it's easy to understand why an even harder version of the game would be frowned upon. Sadly the DLC puts you in increasingly unrealistic situations that will make you want to break your controller. Sure it's still more enjoyable than Spelunky (since you can directly apply knowledge from failure), though many of these situations require near or in some cases perfect timing / placement. Since these outcomes can't really be mimiced, you will fail a lot. Sure you're given 50 lives, but you'll burn through them if you're not careful.

I hope this helps you out, as I happen to be one of the (if not the) biggest supporter of Spelunker HD. I personally platinumed the JP and US version and did everything for both JP and US's DLC. I also got the rare Spelunker Black platinum and uploaded hands on gameplay for every EX level. Finally I only bought Spelunky over people telling me they were the same, but as I mentioned... they're not.

MWH1900d ago

thanks for your helpful input vic.
kind regards,