Toyota shows Kinect-controlled Smart Insect concept car

EDGE - Toyota has shown off a new concept car which includes onboard Kinect sensors at the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) trade show in Japan.

The compact concept is called Smart Insect, is fully electric and includes gull-wing doors that utterly fail to syphon any of the Mercedes 300SL’s legendary cool. The most curious additions, however, are the two Kinect sensors built into the roof of the car – one facing forward, one facing backwards.

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Relientk772088d ago

Interesting looking car, though I'd never buy one, for safety reasons. You won't survive a car accident in that

DivineAssault 2088d ago

wow, all these companies are making better use out of kinect than MS is w their games.

Shadonic2088d ago

so true not just companies but basically anyone not in a big company have made great things with kinect but MS hasent really tried to gain from that besides the acknowledgment of the hacks.

Burning_Finger2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Now calibrating.....1000X.......*S LAM*

josephayal2088d ago

This is what i call innovation

BattleAxe2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Well, if Toyota uses Kinect on real cars, then there are going to be a massive amount of accidents. I'd rather control my car with the Playstation Move.

Shadonic2088d ago

honestly that would be just as bad slight movements compared to a set object ( the wheel) we dont need motion controls in our car except say for a pop out hologram where motions are used for changeing stations or activating certain things idk. Besides there only using kinect for driver detection and predicting the actions of the drivers the wheel is still there.