Black Ops 2: 'More Value Than You'll Find Anywhere' - Treyarch

NowGamer: Black Ops 2 developer David Vonderhaar reckons the next Call of Duty sequel will offer the best value of any game anywhere.

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skyward1818d ago

Zombies could be better than the campign this year. Customisation's gonna keep people playing this for years.

Muffins12231817d ago

sad that you got disagree's...its true what you said.Lets just say, there's a reason why cod is replaced by another cod every year...

HammadTheBeast1817d ago

It's true though lol. I can unlock everything in CoD within a couple weeks. Customization lol.

SJPFTW1817d ago

COD4 is a timeless multiplayer classic. A lot of people still play it on all consoles especially on PC. I play on PC but i would still play it on my PS3 if it wasn't for the hacked lobbies.

Sadly every COD game after COD4 did not live up to the same sort of quality however

TruthbeTold1818d ago

The Zombie element is ALWAYS better than the main campaign as far as I'm concerned.

AJBACK2FRAG1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I'm so excited for this game! On the WiiU! 1080p baby! Recognize! Guns!

It's your Call of Duty come on
a no scope party Phenom
your friends are all logged on
just please don't tell my stepmom Black Ops!

Christopher1817d ago

The question is if the WiiU will have as large of an audience as 360 or PS3 when it comes to these type of games. Definitely a good thing to see it go that route, but make sure the people are heading there first.

andibandit1817d ago

Zombies in COD will always suck as long as a headshot dosn't even stagger a zombie.

Christopher1817d ago

What else are they supposed to say, honestly?

"Black Ops 2, same value you found in all our other games!"

My problem with the CoD games is that that value is all in the multiplayer end and that's it. And, for the most part, it's the same value as last year with a few added elements. Just like next year's will be the same as this years with a few added elements.

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dazzrazz1818d ago

"best value of any game anywhere" Thats a load of horse-crap !

Siren301818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Multiplayer has a ton of game modes and maps and customization.
Usually a 6 to 8 hour single player campaign.
Co-op zombies.
Lots of support after its released all through the year.
Theatre mode that lets you watch anybodys game in hd.
Combat training.
I see alot of value there

rpd1231817d ago

So essentially everything that Halo Reach and a metric sh*t ton of other games have? They act like they're special because they're giving you what should be standard these days. So yes I agree with dazzrazz, that's a load of horse crap.

Christopher1817d ago

Sorry, Siren30, but 6-8 hour single player campaign? Yeah, no. Even this noob at FPSes finishes them in 4-5 hours, max on normal mode.

Now, having said that, it's great that you see a lot of value. For me, it's just not for me. The multiplayer is lackluster and not fun. But, it's great that a game that you have enjoyed a lot is getting more releases. I just wished people didn't try to copy it so much because of how well it does. It limits the options for those of us that are looking for something different.

HammadTheBeast1817d ago

Real Value is Star hawk. Full campaign, about 6-8 hours. Full co-op horde style mode on 6 different maps + dlc maps for 2.50 each. Next multi player. 15 base maps, plus 4 more as free dlc. Then there's paid dlc, all of which can be bought for $15 , which includes skins, co op maps, vehicles, structures. Full clan system, with built in clan match Calender, player made servers free, tons of customization ( more than 500) and the replay ability of multi player is a lot.

That is value. $20 for Multiplayer + Co-op only.
Single Player free for PS+.
Full version only $30.

ZombieKiller1816d ago

Actually if you like COD, which alot of people still do, then this game has alot of value.

Fucking fanboys an haters. Or actually we'll put you under 1 class and call you all TROLLS. Fuck off.

GearSkiN1818d ago

That made me laugh so hard!

AdjacentStalker1814d ago

Oh Call of Duty you make me laugh. There's more value in my right hand then that whole series.

CrimsonessCross1818d ago

Right on.

Multi-player has got me interested with the maps, the customization and the score-streaks. Zombies has me slightly interested and the campaign I am "meh" about but will be something to fall back onto so I don't get burned out from the other two.

cpayne931818d ago

Thats a really bold claim.

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