Jeff Gerstmann on 'X-Play'

G4tv: If you missed ex editor Jeff Gerstmann on X-Play the other day, here's what you didn't see.

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i_like_ff73756d ago

They can innovate dynasty warriors all they want but final fantasy and dmc should stay...

ngg123453755d ago

That is a new one. What were the most innovative games last gen? SOTC, Locoroco, Pikmin, Psychonauts, gitaroo man, lumines, rez, and katamri damacy. Most of these games with the exception of psychonauts, were made by japenese developers. Most of these 'genres' were made by japenese developers. What has western developers done so innovative this gen? Most games they make are fps, or action games with a simple rehash or gimmick (like in Assasin Creed you could climb any wall, and is sandbox), and bioshock (has a different visuals). Gameplay wise, I've already played the majority of those types of games.

Now this gen? What have they made? Well the innovativeness of portal (already played the game in nabacular drop), is 'innovative'. And so are games like echochrome, endless ocean, and eye of judgement: which are all innovative games. Because Sakaguchi made 2 unimaginative games, that are simple rehashes of popular franchises make the japanese developers scared of innovation? Hardly.

toaboa3755d ago

Well put "I like ff7" - well put indeed. Although I'd consider Locoroco and Lumines current-gen, since they're for the PSP?

antoinetm3755d ago

dmc is on its way to reach the million mark.

The jap have always been more innovative because in the past their culture was rooted in tradition and they lost their edge when they came in contact with the western civ it was somekind of a trauma.

Anyways, as pointed out b4, the FPS market in the west is as crowed and boring as the action/adventure market in the east.

COD4 doenst bring anything new, it just perfects everything that has been made before (excpt physix :P)

The same could be said about DMC4 and gaiden 2. Its just better each time.

Those people should stop being so full of themselves. Hollywood keeps bringing poorly written sequels but at least the japanese know how to make sequels.

ngg123453755d ago

What is medal of honor series
madden series
nba series
mlb series
rainbow six series
graw series
c&c series
turok series
guitar heroes series

games4fun3755d ago

some of the most innovative games have been japanese there are a few good western games but you cant use dynasty warriors as an example when has that ever been innovative? its just like using madden as an example of innovation the first one was innovative the rest is just updated graphics.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3755d ago

They were talking about new IPs, thats why they showed footage of Mass Effect, Bioshock and Portal.

You forgot you dunce hat.

myxomatosis3755d ago

... is not just a japanese thing. Halo anyone?

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