Pioneer Unveils It's $499 notebook – An EeePC Killer?

PC Authority writes:

"Has Pioneer Computers managed to replicate and improve the EeePC's incredibly popular $499 EeePC notebook formula?

The new pint-sized, super cheap rival is called the DreamBook Light IL1 – and it's worth checking out for the options alone, including a choice of pre-loaded Ubuntu, XP, or Vista (costs extra), or a multi-OS option with Linux and Windows."

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deeznuts3691d ago

with a 7" screen this is really no improvement. And $100 more.

macain20043545d ago

i live in the philippines. i bought a dreambook il1 and in 1.5 months the keyboard went bad. the distributor in the philippines said the keyboard is not covered under warranty, WOW. it's not worth buying this unit as I use my unit only 2 times per week to check my email. i have 3 other laptops, but use the dreambook since its small. problem is i dont use the dreambook anymore.

the distributor is ADI-ASIANIC Distributors, Philippines. There sales people also told me that the battery is upto 8 hours. this is a joke the unit shuts down after 2 or 3 hours. when checking the remaining battery time it says 3 hours left on battery, then it shuts down. i just let it sit till it runs out. you plug in the charger it comes back on........

i tested the camera with windows xp, the unit hangs & camera very slow movement using Yahoo Messenger...

in the philippines it sells for Php18,000, what a waste