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Resident Evil 6 Review | About

About: "It is strange to say a game tries too hard', but that is exactly what Resident Evil 6 does. It tries to be a sort of everything game to appeal to everyone, but doesn't execute any of it effectively enough to actually satisfy anyone. It isn't really Resident Evil anymore. It certainly isn't horror anymore. It is a bombastic, Call of Duty-inspired, mediocre, third-person-shooter starring barely recognizable versions of characters we used to know." (Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360) 2.5/5

Cam977  +   877d ago
This is a bad one!
zeeshan  +   877d ago
This is fact. A sad fact and one that is not bad. Perhaps a commercial failure will end up saving this game and push Capcom to listen to their fans??
-MD-  +   877d ago
I truly hope so.

There's no doubt it will be a profitable game but I hope the public hammering of this game forces Capcom to rethink the franchise.
Cam977  +   877d ago
That's possible; I'd love to see an old-school SH vs RE battle against newer games - games that live up to the name that sells them.
tigertron  +   877d ago

Well, I can honestly say the Chris campaign is terrible. Car chases, apache helicopters as bosses oh and you get to pilot a jet...they should call this "Call of Evil" or "Resident of Duty".

Well, I knew it would be bad. I thought I'd play Chris' first and then Jake's just to get the bad stuff out of the way before I can *hopefully* enjoy Leon and Ada's campaigns.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   877d ago
This game was simply awful. All the ones who have good reviews are either shills or viral marketers.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   877d ago
This game was TERRIBLE! I played through it thismorning with some friends from my dorm who bought it as soon as it released. I am soo glad that I didn't go out and buy it immediately. I would have thrown a fit that I funded this **** heap. And that is really all it is, a **** heap. There were points that when I was playing the game, I wished that I wasn't. And there were other times when there were so many cutscenes, that I wasn't actually even playing a game. They said they were going back to their roots, and then **** us with this garbage that they call a game. It sucks realizing that you waited this long for a game, and they produced this steamy pile of crap. BRING BACK SURVIVAL HORROR!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   877d ago
once a mighty God of the videogame industry and now you've been reduced to a flushed turd down a toilet drain
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   877d ago
Playing this game is like watching a movie because there's a cutscene every 30 seconds, except this movie has a **** camera, more button mashing quicktime events than Mario Party and non-fluid animations. The following is a summation of the whole game: Cutscene, quick time event, cutscene, shoot 2 monsters, cutscene, shoot 3 monsters, cutscene, open door, cutscene, run towards the camera away from something huge, kill the something huge boss in 2 shots, cutscene, rinse and repeat

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