Can Stealth Games Make A Comeback?

GXC: "For the past couple of months I have been reminiscing about the days when sneaking up behind an unsuspecting guard and subduing him was one of the greatest gaming pleasures I could have. Or even silently making my way past dozens of cameras, lights, and laser to infiltrate a top security military base. There was nothing more satisfying than successfully stealing or eliminating a target, without being seen or heard. And yet when I go back to these games like, Splinter Cell and Hitman, I find myself disturbingly unsatisfied. Obviously the games haven’t changed, so what has?"

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iXenon2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I prefer stealth in my games. I went through most of Deus Ex: Human Revolution without lethally taking out my adversaries. It makes the game more fun, works your mind and raises the stakes. That's why Hitman: Absolution is on my must-buy list this year.

SoundGamer2057d ago

Same here. I have always loved stealth.

Looking forward to Dishonored and Hitman to get my dose of stealth this year.

camel_toad2057d ago

And me too. Mark of the Ninja has been about the only worthwhile stealth game this year. Bring on Dishonored and Hitman.

MorbidPorpoise2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Just realised Eidos are still going strong with stealth Deus, Hitman then Thief.

Batzi2057d ago

Come back? Where did Metal Gear go? Hitman is right around the corner. Splinter Cell is moving away but we got Batman in return. Mark of the Ninja anyone?

Cam9772057d ago

It's certainly possible; I'm definitely loving the older Splinter Cell games.

R1CAN6172057d ago

I get my Stealth fix from Metal Gear Solid but Hitman is on my buy list

urwifeminder2057d ago

I could live without them thats for sure.

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