Spark Unlimited working on action third-person shooter for next-gen systems

The forever busy Spark Unlimited is working on a third person action shooter for next generation consoles, new job listings have revealed.

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Ilovetheps41994d ago

Remember when Spark Unlimited purposely led everyone to believe that they were making Battlefront 3 but revealed Lost Planet 3? I'm not falling for that again. I was so disappointed when they revealed what they actually were working on.

DeadlyFire1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Something tells me don't fall for it again, but I want that to be true. Its 80% likely that its Lost Planet 3 next-gen port, but only time will tell.

vortis1994d ago

lol @ the disagree

You're probably more right than they know. LP3 ported to next-gen is easy peasy money. Getting an extra hand or two to help out with the porting makes sense.

EDIT: After reading the article Inafune said it was targeting current-gen consoles but the listing is also for next-gen, so yeah, it's probably LP3.

MorbidPorpoise1994d ago

Something tells me its going to be...... Lost Planet 4.

Yangus1994d ago

I hope this Resident Evil 7 for next-gen!

Razgriz3831994d ago

Ah the ol' Battlefront 3 hook, line, and sink returns

ChunkyLover531994d ago

Not falling for that again!