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Ragequitters don’t know how good they have it

Patrick Scott Patterson has some strong words for modern ragequitters.

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Community1896d ago
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rezzah1896d ago

Nice read.

It's just like how people act out online, because they are anonymous they say and do what they want. They don't have to face social humiliation.

Therefore, they are kings in their minds.

In truth all this reveals is the actuality of what people are like when all social surroundings disappear.

These are the type of people you may not want to know in person.

But at the same time you can't categorize a person based on a single experience; even repetitious acts do not mean the outcome of behaviour will always be the same.

bwazy1896d ago

I don't know... Some times when I've had a rough day, the last thing I want is to sit there feeding other players points. I wouldn't call it rage quitting per say, but more so "I'm done for now".

insomnium21896d ago

Same here. I quit midway very rarely but if I'm seriously out of luck and people teabag me continuously I might just quit for that day altogether. I do say a swearword or something every now and then but I'm seriously too old for the feeling that I want to smash my controller cause of a videogame.

I've been biting on my controllers for some time but ever since PS2 released I've fealt that it's not worth it. PS1 controller was the last victim my teeth had but now I'm almost 31yo so.....

rezzah1896d ago

I agree with your point of view, regardless of doing well or bad in a online match, taunts can be very annoying.

I think we are easiest to provoke when we don't play well for that match or day. It is true that most don't like to lose, but online maps or Multiplayer modes can sometimes be imbalanced; to the point where you know you will win based on where your team spawns. To overcome the lesser spawning side and win the match, your team has to be damn good and this isn't usually the case.

rezzah1896d ago

Well you must realise that your point of view of a rage quitter is based on your self.

There are those who rage quit because their kill/death ratio will lower. And some simply cannot accept a player who is better than them self.

Soldierone1895d ago

I do that too, but sometimes they don't stop and don't quit and personally camping isn't fun to me. It feels like cheating and gets boring. So being the guy that has to constantly baby sit the noob on the other team makes me want to leave. You kill him, within ten seconds he is running back to the spot, you leave, he gets his spot back.

It's super funny in COD though, finding their insertion point, camping near it, letting them spawn for a second, maybe let them set another spawn point, and own them lol Killzone was fun because it was easy to get around to nearly every camp point, so you could really do crazy things to take down the noobs and they get so angry. "HOWD HE DO THAT I WAS HIDING!!!!"

Soldierone1896d ago

Same, and its not like quitting isn't warranted sometimes. You get stuck on that crap team, and somehow the other team is a giant clan all camping in high traffic areas the entire can get annoying.

I play for fun, getting owned by a scrub camping while thinking he is god isn't fun, so I'll quit and find someone of similar skill level as me instead. Or like stated, quit playing the game all together for the time being.

Honestly if its just people acting like idiots I do it back to them and get them to quit before I even think about it.

rezzah1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I like to take people like that down in matches. I will always seek out spots that they do not often check, or will strike when they are busy shooting in another direction. Then I'll just hang in the areas of where I expect them to return to let them know they can't have it. If they get it back i'll keep coming.

I look at it as a distraction to them, I keep them busy so they don't constantly kill off my team.

Edit: All this talk about team matches and killing the snipers perched up in high corners makes my think of KZ2. Really is the best online FPS imo.

Killman1896d ago

This article just reeks of elitism.

bubblebeam1896d ago

I actually got the same vibe. This guy is so one sided.

What about when you are getting 3 second lag (face it, we have all had this issue before) and there is no logic in staying, as you can't enjoy yourself if you are staring at a wall half the game, and last time I checked, games were meant to be enjoyed.

Also, I'd put the blame on servers, and publishers cheaping out them in some games.

Everyone has rage quit at some point. Everyone has made someone rage quit at some point. Let us just leave it at that, nothing will ever change that fact.

NintendoLegend1895d ago

For what it's worth, knowing Scott, he would definitely acknowledge the difference between a "frustratequit" due to genuine technical issues -- and quitting just because you don't want to finish out a loss. It's a matter of principle.

wheresmymonkey1896d ago

An interesting little article maybe it is really a sign of the times. Just as bad as rage quitters are the guys that wont shut the hell up and constantly trash talk. then again the two are often the same person.

In the arcades there was an odd kind of sportsmanship to the whole affair. Something sorely lacking from online play.

The_KELRaTH1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I think more ppl rage quit these days because the games can be so frustrating. It's one thing to be owned by another player but quite another to be spawnkilled 10 times over in a row because the devs didn't bother writing proper detection code.

Good point about the trash talkers but again why do games default with the mics active rather than muted (On PS3 at least). I wonder sometimes if the publishers want you to be frustrated!!

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