Xbox Live Arcade Sales Chart - 2/09/08

Benjamin Schlichter:"Another incredible week of sales. Despite high sales being kind of normal now, many titles saw moderate increases.


* Rez HD sees a whopping 50,000 units of sales this week. This already places it at 75,000 units LTD, and well within range of last year's mega-titles. Expect good continued sellthrough. I expect around 25,000-30,000 units next week, as I've noticed some dropoff. Either way, Rez is already at 18% of TMNT's 2007 total (410,000 units).
* Chessmaster LIVE saw a 300% increase from last week. This is very notable and important - day-to-day sales remained up from it's debut, signalling a strong interest for this Chess game. As I stated last week, I do feel this game will have great legs.
* Poker Smash debuted with the 2nd highest sales of any game since we started the charts in November. It's sales were about 22% higher than #3 Metal Slug 3, which debuted on Jan. 2nd. It will most likely continue very strong sales.
* Metal Slug 3 had a slight increase, and has continued to do very, very well. It's a few units away from 70,000 now.
* Omega 5 and Tron finished their first month on the charts with 34,000 and 17,000 units sold respectively. This places Omega 5's first month total at #7 just below Arkadian Warriors, and Tron at #14 just above Asteriods & Deluxe. Omega 5 is charting horribly, but Tron is doing well. Tron had a 6.96 multiplier from it's first week to first month, which is very good and shows that it will have good legs.
* Ecco the Dolphin, Xbox Live's crappiest game (atleast sales wise) had a 700% increase this week, from 50 to 350 units. Why? I do not know.
* Pinball FX Hits 250,000 units this week - 41 weeks after launch."

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