Loot Ninja's Patapon Preview

Loot Ninja hopped over to their local Gamestop yesterday and dropped $5 on a pre-order, something they haven't done in who knows how long. The reason? The Patapon demo, of course. They played a bit of Patapon at Sony's Gamer Day a couple months ago and were hooked. Here's a hands on preview of Patapon for the PSP.

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fiercescuba3723d ago

although paying for demos isnt fun, it was totally worth it here.

drunkpandas3723d ago

I agree, paying for demos isn't the best. But this one works a bit differently than others in the fact that you continue from the end point of the demo in the final game. So you don't have to repeat everything you did in the demo once the full game is released.

fiercescuba3723d ago

Continuing from demos is awesome. Really ups the replay ability.

meepmoopmeep3723d ago

i can't wait to get this game. i don't think they have that pre-order deal here in canada, though :(

drunkpandas3723d ago

I think some EB/Gamestop locations in Canada might have the demo. Give yours a call to find out.

taz80803723d ago

Patapon is good times and finally something to make a pre-order worth while.

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