Resident Evil 6 Review: Now With More Zombie Goodness I The Scrub Daily

TheScrubDaily:"With only a handful of hours into the game and a lack of sleep, I’ve managed to play through some of the game’s core campaigns and have found this to be the most expansive and in depth RE game yet. There is a little something for every fan of the Resident Evil franchise with the introduction of three separate campaigns. What’s interesting the most is that they have nostalgia factors written all over them and you can play them in any order you choose, especially if you prefer one style of game play over the other."

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kparks2024d ago

They say in the review its a good game then run through a list of whats wrong with the game and its exactly what everyone has been complaining about lol im confused... this game is absolute CRAP the QTE are every 5 seconds there has been absolutely ZERO puzzles well there have been a couple but there so stupid my 5YO nephew could of did them with a blind fold on and when ur doing them u get to listen to non stop complaining about O GREAT ANOTHER PUZZLE comments from ur partner! u can run through almost the whole chapter kicking zombies and u might as well in leons story because his pistol takes about 6 shots to the face to kill anything.. the camera sucks and the gameplay in general is not good and really unpolished.. i hope this game falls flat on its face so they will get a wakeup call over at capcom that we dont want Call Of Evil6