Microsoft Australia drops price on Xbox 360, Kinect

Today, Microsoft Australia announced a price drop for Xbox 360 consoles as well as the Kinect peripheral.

Starting 4 October, expect to pay the following for Microsoft Xbox 360 products:

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GreenRanger1995d ago

You call that a price cut?
THIS is a price cut!

ChunkyLover531995d ago

$150 off the 250 gig/kinect bundle is a bigger price cut than the 3DS.

GreenRanger1995d ago

I don't care.
I just wanted to make a Crocodile Dundee reference.

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josephayal1995d ago

HOLY CRAP, Black Friday?

AusRogo1995d ago

I think its only in the states, not here. A public holiday I think?

calis1995d ago

We don't have black friday down here.

cl19831995d ago

Black Friday is the "first" day most retailers show a profit for the year, in the US its the day after thanksgiving, because it begins the "Christmas season."

cl19831995d ago

Its a US fed holiday on the 4th Thursday of every November.
It's also usually 30 days before Christmas, and that's when big deals are given 55' led tvs for $200.00 and such.

Belking1995d ago

Probably not but even if it does it won't make much difference now. MS and Nintendo are shifting focus to next gen.

IWentBrokeForGaming1995d ago

With the Last of Us still showing the legs PS3 still has on it... I can see why the competition is moving to Next-Gen already!

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BitbyDeath1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

'MS and Nintendo are shifting focus to next gen.'

You got a link to official details of MS's new console cause i haven't heard about it yet?

badz1491995d ago

that the PS3 is the best selling console down there. that might have something to do with this

boybato1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

its only in the US that the PS3 has always been last in sales but it sells more everywhere else.

1995d ago
WiiLovePS3601995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


The PS3 sells pretty well in the USA, but it is in no way close to the Xbox 360 in lifetime sales.

Last I read there was about a 15 million console sales gap between the 2 consoles in the USA. 15 million is a big number whichever way you look at it. In fact, that's a bigger lead than the PS3 has over the Xbox 360 in Japan - so yes, the PS3 is "last" in the USA.

On the topic, those are some serious price drops.

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Fuct1995d ago

They could give it away and I wouldn't pick it up. 8 red rings later.

Knight_Crawler1995d ago

And you bought eight consoles without even thinking of returning one to MS for free and get it replaced.

Some people just like to throw money away.

Hey look Xbox 360 will buy it..oh it worries will buy a new one..oh it worries will buy another one...on it died..repeat...

wastedcells1995d ago

He never said he bought eight.

Belking1995d ago

it doesn't matter it will still sell anyway. 70 Million sold this gen and it keeps on selling.

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