Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Live Action Short - Scorpion vs Ryu

DSOGaming writes: "Ah yes, MK vs SF is the crossover we've been waiting for. And although we've seen a couple of fan-made animations that put SF characters against the MK ones, it seems unlikely we'll ever get such a game. Good news then that there have been a couple of fan films that tried to satisfy our desire for such a crossover. So, today we bring you a new live action short film, directed by Chris Mark, that puts Scorpion against Ryu. The great thing here is that you can choose the winner of this fight at the end of it, as this is an interactive film. Enjoy!"

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t0mmyb0y2059d ago

Well done. Keep them coming.

john22059d ago

I chose the Scorpion ending. Was expecting a bit better effects to be honest but still, it was cool

Drewminati2059d ago

That was dope! Scorpion all day!!