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Tech Gaming writes, "Unfortunately, players who already own the previous PS Vita version may not find enough new content to justify FIFA Soccer 13’s $40 price tag."

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JRPGLuva1901d ago

A C+ for the Vita version? Oh, man. Vita can't win.

CharmingMan1901d ago

The VITA isn't going to live or die by one game. Apparently, EA didn't much effort into this version.

Insomnia_841901d ago

After reading the review, I don't understand how they gave it a C+. Looks more like a B+ considering they gave the console version a A-. Gamplay seems to be the same on both versions so from the review I would give it a B+.

badz1491901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

this was always the case for FIFA on the PSP! the next iterations were almost always had like no improvement than the last! felt more like a roster update unlike its consoles counterpart which always have something new to offer!

this is just EA not putting too much effort. business as usual

madmad1901d ago

I heard they just updates the kits, rosters, and put it in a new boxed. EA phoned it in.

PirateThom1901d ago

Yep, same game that released 6 months ago, one that got a lot of praise, but you cannot just repackage the same game after advertising a load of new features

RaptorMan1901d ago

I couldn't imagine playing FIFA on any screen smaller than my 40" TV.

Fuct1901d ago

It's great on a handheld like the vita.

CalvinKlein1901d ago

I couldnt imagine playing anything on a TV as tiny a 40 inches.

mediastudies1901d ago

So it's totally different from he console version. Anyone surprised?

Derekvinyard131901d ago

dude its fifa 12 and theres calling it fifa 13. this game is garbage

Fuct1901d ago

FIFA 12 wasn't garbage

Myst-Vearn1901d ago

It's actually FIFA 11 and they are calling it FIFA 13..

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The story is too old to be commented.