Grand Theft Auto IV songs reports 5 songs which occur in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Vip3r3360d ago

R Kelly...

-10 hype points.

Lifendz3360d ago

have in-game XMB by the time this game drops. C'mon Sony. Do not subject me to riding around liberty city and listening to this.

n_n3360d ago

it needs more songs with riffs

Chris_GTR13360d ago

i thought they said this game would be playing modern music? that r kelly songs gotta be atleased 15 yrs old.

n_n3360d ago

no, that was a 15 yr old girl he molested

niall773360d ago

Vrock was the best radio station ever in a gta game

n_n3360d ago

that's what i said in the open zone. it needs more songs with riffs

HeartlesskizZ3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I remember that song I think named: I want to Rock! was great when being chase by cops...

and the clasic Spanglish station from Vice city =D


angel y khris from puerto rico plus daddy yankee is a character in the game by the name of big boss! fat joe with the sh!t is real now that song is the sh!t

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The story is too old to be commented.