Darkzero: Rez HD Review

Darkzero writes:

"Sonically the game is amazing, but it somewhat depends on your tastes. Rock and pop fans are not catered for at all as this is all eletronica, techno, big beat and hip hop but they fit the game perfectly and it's here we see yet another layer. As you progress through the waves the locking missiles are set to deploy somewhere in time with the music so for all your blasting, you almost create your own track. Each missile noise and subsequent virus destruction use samples roughly in tune with the main track, and as each level passes the track builds up until you reach the boss. It's so subtle, yet so good and attacks both your audio and visual senses together. It makes you feel like part of the system and immerses you in a way few games can.

To end then, a great shump with a simple mechanic but massively deep scoring system. Turn off your lights, turn up the sound and prepare to have your senses stimulated."

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