GamesRadar: Box Art F'ups

GamesRadar writes:

"Derp! Ready the eBay accounts, cause that company that prints game box art - Acme Video Game Box Art Co. Inc. Ltd. we believe they're called - pulled a gargantuan boner and misprinted a shitload of our favorite titles. We don't mean to call them out, but we can't allow the public to be misled.

No, we didn't make these, and frankly we resent the implication. We swear upon the fangs of our tenacious legal team: These images were not concocted by our clever art team, and this article is in no way intended as parody."

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MK_Red3576d ago

Awesome find. The Cars / Carmageddon one was AWESOME.

BadTaste3576d ago

Yeah that one is great lmao.

The Orange Box one is pretty good too haha.

Good find indeed.

MK_Red3576d ago

True. That one's awesome as well.

Nicosia3576d ago

The Micheal Jackson one...killer lol.

TheWickedOne3576d ago

The Manhunt one is classic.

Salvadore3576d ago

I really enjoyed the Kane & Lynch.

thisguywithhair3576d ago

Manhunt 2 is a stroke of genius. I also loved Mass Effect.

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