Gamespot: Impossible Mission DS Review

Gamespot writes:

"As one of the Commodore 64 classics up there with the likes of Beach-Head, Karateka, and Paradroid, Impossible Mission deserves a modern-day update. Its gameplay has held up pretty well despite the passage of more than two decades, so it's a worthy buy if you're an old-timer up for a trip back in time or a kid who wants to get a look at what pop used to play."

The good:
- Original game still holds up really well despite being more than 20 years old
- New graphics liven up the flat look of the Commodore 64 original
- Old-timers will love hearing "Stay a while stay forever!" again after all these years

The bad:
- New game options are pretty underwhelming
- Though not impossible, your mission is extremely difficult

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