XCOM: Enemy Unknown is A New Take on Modern Gaming for Players Old and New

After a phone conference took place about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the motivation, actions and elements of the upcoming release became clear. The press was joined by Jake Solomen, lead designer, and Grath DeAnglies, lead producer, to answer their questions about the XCOM franchise. Some of the things that were most interesting about the conference was how XCOM: Enemy Unknown is said to connect with the modern gaming generation and console players.

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TheSuperior 1900d ago

I have never played XCOM, i was born a year before the first one came out lol so its safe to say that the game may have been a bit above me hahaha

but anyway this seems like somthing i can get in to. I am a console gamer, i highly prefer my Xbox 360 and PS3. to have this PC game come out and impress me is pretty neat. Its not typical for me to play and thats why i want to play it.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1900d ago

I think I would actually prefer this on PC. Though I am glad they are making it available for everyone.

wastedcells1900d ago

Ya this is a pc game no doubt. Hope it plays well on console or people might not give it a chance.

lastdual1900d ago

Next week will be awesome with this and Dishonored.

Civ Rev convinced me that Firaxis is perfectly capable of doing turn-based strategy right on the consoles, so XCOM should deliver the goods regardless of which platform you play it on.

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wastedcells1900d ago

This game looks like it runs super smooth with high polish.

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