Samsung Sued Over Defective Blu-Ray Players

A class action lawsuit filed earlier this week against Samsung claims the company has knowingly sold defective Blu-ray players to the public since June 2006.

The lead plaintiff in the case, Bob McGovern, says he purchased his BD-01200 Samsung Blu-ray player last summer and was subsequently unable to view "numerous Blu-ray disc titles," a fact he attributes to the player's "defective design and/or manufacture."

Lead attorneys in the case also note that there have since been a number of similar complaints levied against the company concerning the inoperability of certain Buy-ray disc titles. In some cases, Samsung has also verified that it does not intend to provide future firmware updates to correct these issues…and hence the lawsuit.

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The Killer3753d ago

u can always trust sony products!!

same applies for ps3!

cooke153753d ago

like betamax? like mini disc? like umd? yeah you can always trust them. What about all the dirty disc errors on ps2's?

The Killer3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

what about blue ray??
and the other formats that they won?
ps1?ps3?psp? even ps2! at least ps2 didnt have 1/3 defective console!
error reading can be solved by restarting but dieing console u have to send it and wait at least a month to get it back!

and u made me forget about wat i was talking about! i was talking about products not formats! read before u open ur mouth sony hater!
am sure people like u voted for bush for second time!