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The typical monster in a Resident Evil game is a giant shambling mess of unnecessary limbs and exposed biceps, dripping brain juice through various rows of ambient teeth. It looks like roadkill pumped full of steroids. Which is also a pretty apt description of Resident Evil 6, which arrives in stores today. RE6 is gilded with all the affectations of this gaming moment. It’s got co-op gameplay and multiple campaigns and nonstop banter and RPG-inflected skill trees (“Use skill points to purchase skills!” proclaims a pop-up instruction.) It’s a military action game and a rooftop-hopping adventure game and a shadow-clouded horror game: Basically, it’s Gears of War and Uncharted and even a little bit Resident Evil, why not?

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GTRrocker6662056d ago

This game is getting slaughtered in the press. Capcom must being shitting themselves right about now.

Trenta272056d ago

They had to have seen this coming, though.

Nimblest-Assassin2056d ago

You think the press is bad? The public is slamming this game hard

It has the lowest user score I have ever seen on metacritic


Thats lower than ME3, Diablo 3 and MW3

zeeshan2055d ago

I hope this game doesn't sell well. I really do wish to see that happen. Perhaps a commercial failure will prove as a resident evil savior?

Knight_Crawler2056d ago

As much as I agree with the negative reviews, this game will still sell a sh!tload or as much as RE5.

N4G and other gaming website only make a small percentage of the gaming community and the mainstream dont care about reviews...why do you think COD gets so much hate but yet still sells millions.

Capcom are not even worried because they do not care about there hardcore fanbase who made RE what it is now and only care about the money - at least Team Ninja had the spine to admit that they did wrong by not listening to the fans and giving them what they want.

Tetsujin2056d ago

Glad I'm waiting to buy this garbage till its either cheap or second hand

ScytheX32056d ago Show
dragonopt12056d ago

I'll probably still buy it when it's cheap but I'm so glad I'm saving my money for Dishonored instead

GreenRanger2056d ago

*Bought it.
*Played it.
*Hated it.
*Bit the disc in half.
*Brought it back to Gamestop to see if i could trade it back in without them opening the box.
*Got thrown through the Gamestop window.
*Stopped at the shop on the way home to buy superglue.
*Anyone want to buy a brand new copy of Resident Evil 6?

Grenade2056d ago

LOL, bubbles for you, dawg.

2056d ago
young7yang2056d ago

damn.. glad i put my money on zone of enders hd

izumo_lee2056d ago

The really unfortunate thing about this Resident Evil debacle is that somebody is possibly going to lose their job at Capcom if this game is a bomb at retail as well.

There is really nobody there at present that has a grasp on the direction the franchise is headed. So the future for this once epic franchise is looking pretty grim & that is extremely sad if you think about it.

helghast1022056d ago

"So the future for this once epic franchise is looking pretty grim"
Grim is yesteryear, this is beyond grim.

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