Gamespot: Atari Classics Evolved Review

Gamespot writes:

"Some of the evolved versions also let two players with two discs duke it out in ad hoc play, though why Atari didn't think to let four players compete in Warlords is anyone's guess. But it's just another example of what makes this package so uneven, and as with the other version of some of these games, Atari continues to punish gamers by offering rewards only to those who play through the mostly inferior "improved" versions. With more content available off the bat, this disc may almost have been worth the price, but with so much chaff to dig through, only the hardcore are likely to find this compilation worthwhile. 'You had to be there,' indeed."

The Good:
- Good emulations of the arcade originals
- A few of the evolved versions are decent

The Bad:
- You have to overcome some overly difficult challenges to gain acces to the Atari 2600 unlockables
- The PSP's analog nub can't compare to the original games' trackballs and paddles
- Most of the evolved games are poor

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