Terraria dev saw a genre gap on consoles, and went for it

Gamasutra- Minecraft-style sandbox games (and Minecraft itself) are huge on Xbox Live, some of the best-selling games on the platform in fact. Not many publishers have jumped on the bandwagon yet, but that's starting to change.

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Carl_Shocker2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

No...he wanted more money, thats why he really did it

RedLoigc is an ass, first he goes on about all these cool features for Terraria and hypes them up, then uses his child as an excuse to quit the game even though it's because he can't be arsed anymore which he even admited, he then refuses to sell the game to a willing indie developer to continue the game then refuses to release the source code for modders to make official mods for the game, he then works alongside a new studio to get the game on consoles even though he said he was done with Terraria in general and then the console version is getting a lot of exclusive content which will never come to the PC

...honestly he's treat his fanbase like crap, only a fool would support him now.

vortis2024d ago

I actually remember reading something about him stopping development on the game, for one reason or another, and I thought it was kind of crappy why he didn't hand the reins over to someone else like what Notch did with Minecraft...or at least let the community have a go at it with an SDK. He wouldn't be where he is without fan support.

I guess some devs like to be drama queens.

Carl_Shocker2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

So true

For me though it's the fact that he used his child as an excuse and even now people still think he's bieng noble and a good dad by focusing his attention on his son...BUT it was just a silly excuse to put him in a good light so other people would defend him

If you look at it logicaly he only worked on the game for 5-6 hours...a week, probably could get all the work done in a day if he wanted too. You know that 1.1 update we got, the big one, it took 4 months but he admitted it could of been done in 3-4 weeks if he worked on it more, I think within those hours he could easily take care of his new born son and continue the game...even if he said "Right guys I've had a child I'm going to take a 4-5 month break but I'll be back" then people would be fine but he's married so his wife can look after their son aswell and he works at home so he would have all the time in world to look after his son, hell he could place the kids cot right next to his computer if he wanted to

...sadly though people don't look at things logicaly and just think he's being a "good dad". People wanted at least an hour a day spent on Terraria, hell an hour a week just as long as it was being supporte, thats all we wanted.

I think he left though because he got butt hurt over the fact the people who left Terraria are now doing Starbound which looks like a Terraria upgrade.

ThanatosDMC2024d ago

So true.... I want something after hard mode.

OneAboveAll2025d ago

Who cares the game is shitty.

Psychonaughty2024d ago

So what amazing game have you made?

OneAboveAll2024d ago

I don't make games Mr. Derp. I'm the one who plays them. Thus, I can say what is garbage and what isn't.

I'v played plenty of "amazing" games. Unfortunately this isn't even close.

IQUITN4G2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I'm quite neutral on the whole subject of if this games is good or bad however :Psychonaughty, I think it's perfectly fine if someone comments that they think something is good or bad, regardless if they have themselves done something better. We all of us think many things are rubbish in this world yet we've not created better versions of them

It's not a very good argument to suggest someone's comment is worthless on this basis

MrAnderson2024d ago

No, Relogic saw a gap in his wallet, he's making a console version because it will net him a ton more money, and is turning his back on the PC fanbase that MADE him all his money.

guys an ass.