Videogames Versus Hollywood

Games have been known to tell some wonderful stories - Planescape: Torment or Grim Fadango spring immediately to mind - but they're not made to tell them, in the same way that movies aren't made to make you feel like you're dropping freefall at 20,000 feet, even though they can.

If anything, games are more like television. They are immeasurably longer than two hours, at best they concentrate on characters, settings and situations, and they bring a bunch of ideas to a story that is relatively easy to follow when broken up into different sessions.

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trikster403725d ago

I think the main reason why video games do not make great movies and movies do not make great video games has to do more with suspension of disbelief than storytelling.
We all agree that there are some absolutely amazing stories told in video games, but they are told in a completely different manner than a movie. We do not have any direct control in a movie, therefore the director guides us by the hand. For a movie, we pretty much shut down all faculties other than our eyes and ears and watch.
Video games are a different story. Like the article says, they have to break up the story into chunks simply because they do not have any control on the gamer. We could spend 40 hours leveling up a character or exploring before moving the story along.
When taken as a whole, stories in video games are usually much more far-fetched than a movie, and sometimes the character development is not as deep simply because WE develop that main character the way we see fit. We make the story, and the reason why video games movies do not seem to work is because it is like watching someone else play the game. You see the inconsistencies because the playability does not suspend your disbelief.

MK_Red3725d ago

Planescape: Torment, the best, deepest and most complex story EVER.

As for why Hollywood and games don't mix together, it's because the movie makers don't like and know the game material enough and game developers make quick movie based games.

To make game based movie is just like a comic-book based movie but sadly, all the game based films are like Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four of comic films.
Why Batman Begins, Sin Cityand X-Men are considered great comic book based movies? Because great directors that know and care about source material made them.