Grand Theft Auto IV hands-on report from GamesMaster

As that April release date creeps ever closer the latest issue of GamesMaster has got a hands-on report of Grand Theft Auto IV - and it's still sounding fantastic.

"It's during a cab ride that we realise just how good the new GTA is," the mag says. "There's as much traffic as you'd expect. But you can see people actually driving their cars and hear what they're playing on their stereo as you drive past."

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meepmoopmeep3538d ago

the more i read up on this game, the more it hypes me up and i think i might actually get it

socomnick3538d ago

For me its the opposite why the [email protected]#$ did they keep the controls so retro. Saints row controls were perfect they should have tried to copy this.

vloeistof3538d ago

hope we see gameplay @ gdc

SUP3R3538d ago

What does that mean?
A week behind what?
The controls haven't been completed for the game?
Cuz destructoid's info said it was on point with the 360 version.
Only if this hands-on was conducted before the completion of the PS3 version.

SUP3R3538d ago

Sorry not destructiod.
I meant

power of Green 3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

What makes you think folks are going to say anything different?.

jackdoe3538d ago

I think a week behind a build they would want to show to the press. But this contradicts a lot of other information. Oh well. Hopefully they show vids or screens from the PS3 version because at this point, PS3 owners have a right to be skeptical after all the sh!tty ports they were put through last year.

SUP3R3538d ago

GTA4 is not a port.
It was built from the ground up using the PS3 dev-kit.
Meaning there were two teams working on the game.
A 360 team and a PS3 team.
Hence the reason why it's reported as being equally as impressive on both systems.
A port would have caused loss of quality when coding is transfered from one platform to the other.
Rockstar isn't a lazy developer, they have the equity to finance two development teams.

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Imalwaysright3538d ago

The detail in this game is amazing. Rockstar revolutionazed gaming last gen with GTA 3 and they will do it again this gen with GTA4. Cant wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.